Wednesday, 17 July 2013

CC Weymouth Club 10 16/07/13

Row, row, row your bike!
Steve Pink reports
Weymouth's own Cambridge University rower Stuart McPhail showed it is not taking him long to turn his attributes from the boat to the bike. Taking tonight's win in 22:21 he has improved by minutes over the space of the last few weeks. At this rate the local fast men should be looking over their shoulders as he has fallen for the charms of testing and is only going to get stronger! I for one will be watching his progress closely.

Club powerhouse Bryce Riglar decided to bring some of his Open form to a club race for once and rode an excellent 22:48 for 2nd place and Steve Pink lowered his course best to 23:08 to round out the top three.

21 riders in total, including a few day members, turned up to enjoy the sunshine and scorching tarmac. Special mentions should go to young (13yr old) Max Otter for riding his first TT, an excellent effort and one that was thoroughly enjoyed by both himself and Dad Graham. There were also a smattering of PBs through the field and everyone was in great spirits thanks to the fantastic weather we are enjoying at the moment.

Full Results:

1. Stuart McPhail CC Weymouth 22:21
2. Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 22:48
3. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 23:08
4. David Butt CC Weymouth 23:34
5. Christopher Perham Day Member 24:45
6. Steve Trigwell CC Weymouth 24:47
7. Matt Merritt CC Weymouth 25:04
8. Adam Fox Day member 25:34
9. Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 26:07
10. Ian Hughes Bustin Skin 26:09
11. Nick Ireland Dorset Pentathetes 26:18
12. Andrew Stevenson CC Weymouth 26:33
13. Andrew Preston CC Weymouth 26:45
14. Graham Otter Day Member 26:46
15. Ian Miller CC Weymouth 26:52
16. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 28:00
17. Brian Sands CC Weymouth 28:13
18. Carole Hughes Day Member 28:46
19. Joe Whitnall CC Weymouth 28:53
20. Max Otter Day Member 31:51
21. Lizzie Reynolds CC Weymouth 32:51

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