Wednesday 15 May 2019

New Forest CC Club 25, Results

New Forest CC P154/25 Tuesday 14th May
A relatively unhelpful wind, strengthening throughout the race, hampered an otherwise pleasant sunny evening event with less traffic than usual between Lyndhurst and Beaulieu. Resulting times were down in the first of the club championship events on what can be a fast course, with only one rider under the hour. Punctures and a mechanical saw one DNS (Richard Parker with Di2 issues) and 2 DNFs (Matt Cafferky and Bob Dowling) in a field of only 12, with another DNS due to work commitments.

1 Antony Green 59:45
2 Ray Claridge 1.01.20
3 Richard Mason 1.11.15
4 Phil Jones 1.11.53
5 Dan Mitchell 1.12.53
6 Peter Weaver 1.18.25
7 Catherine Pascoe 1.21.16
Matt Cafferky DNF
Bob Dowling DNF
Richard Parker DNS
Stuart Peckham DNS
Thanks to Antony Green

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