Thursday 9 May 2019

Bournemouth & District Women's CA Club 10, Results

“…..I do not know if you think this result is worth publishing…..!”
P164 Boltons Bench 08/05/19

1 Mike Anderson CC Moncontourais 25.36
2 Claire Newman Crabwood CC 27.43
Mary Corbett Sotonia CC and Rob Dowey 36.16

Timekeepers: Paula Miller and Dave Crocker
Other helpers: Clive Peskett and Jacky Prosser
Norman Harvey and Sue and Glenn Longland were also in attendance.
“I do not know whether it was because of the number of events on the
course this week or the very cold and windy evening but we had a most
disappointing entry for our event today with only two riders and a
Thanks to Jacky Prosser

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