Thursday 16 May 2019

...3crg 10, Report/Results

...a3crg Mid-Week Summer Series ~ Event One
The first of the "Mid-Week" open summer series run by ...a3crg got underway Greatham on Wednesday evening attracting a rather competitive field. Writes Dave Collard-Berry Being one of the summers first warm evenings there was quite a buzz in the air & that wasn't the midges. For this season ...a3crg are splitting some of the events into separate men's & women's events so that both events attract equal "National Ranking Points", of course we all know that riders aren't interested in "ranking points" except those who are on the first sheet!
However the women's did attract a very good field & Birthday girl Faye Faber (NOPINZ) took the top spot with a 21:15 pushing out scratch girl Jennifer George (Torelli) by 24 seconds. Of course the turn of speed by the birthday girl was really all about making sure she was back in good time to catch the ferry back to the Island. In third place was Uckfield teacher & former WTA Tennis player Sally Turner (Trainsharp) being the third rider to post a sub-22 time. Fourth place & first Junior was Caitlin Peters (Storey Racing) with 22:25.

To really get the Summer Series underway the "Men's Event" provided half a dozen sub-20's with Kevin Tye (VeloRefined Aerosmiths) claiming the top spot with a 19:32. Just three seconds behind was Chris Holmes (Twickenham CC) & 10 seconds down on was Winchester rider Nick Tarmey (VC Venta). In fact only 23 seconds separated 6th Place Nick Dwyer (Lewes Wanderers CC) from the top spot.

One of the main challengers Mark Smith (Crawley Wheeler) punctured just past the fuel station at the top of the hill, funny how it's never at the bottom of a hill! But one of the biggest smiles of the evening came from Simon Smart the DRAG2ZERO maestro who knocked over a minute of his "PB", that aero stuff must work then, just need the right course. Fastest Team was Blazing Saddles with the young James Mapley leading home his much older team mates Howard Bailey & Andy Langdown.

Results…a3crg Summer Time Trials 2019
Course P881 (A3) Ham Barn Liss ~ Wednesday 15th May 2019
Women's Summer Series Event One

1 Faye Faber NOPINZ WS 00:21:15
2 Jennifer George Torelli WS 00:21:39
3 Sally Turner Trainsharp WS 00:21:58
4 Caitlin Peters Storey Racing WJ 00:22:25
5 Marianne Holt Team Bottrill WS 00:22:52
6 Kirsty McSeveney ...a3crg WS 00:23:01
7 Freya Richardson Hargroves Montezuma RT WJ 00:23:15
8 Lucy Mitchell ...a3crg WV 00:23:26
9 Lara Taylor VC Godalming & Haslemere WV 00:23:42
10 Courtney Edmonds Bike Jockey CC WS 00:23:42
11 Virginia McGee ...a3crg WV 00:24:02
12 Eva Nyirenda ...a3crg WS 00:24:49
13 Ali Ford GS Vecchi WV 00:24:58
14 Sarah Matthews ...a3crg WV 00:25:00
15 Rachael Lamont Hampshire Road Club WV 00:26:05
16 Amy Pretorius ...a3crg WEsp 00:27:33
17 Deanna Ferrett Hampshire Road Club WV 00:28:55
Team Classification
Pos Team Counting Riders Time
1 ...a3crg Kirsty McSeveney, Lucy Mitchell, Virginia McGee 01:10:29

...a3crg Summer Series Men's Event One
1 Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths Vet 00:19:32
2 Chris Holmes Twickenham CC Vet 00:19:35
3 Nick Tarmey Velo Club Venta Vet 00:19:42
4 Alex Bradley Cowley Road Condors Sen 00:19:44
5 James Mapley Blazing Saddles Esp 00:19:50
6 Nick Dwyer Lewes Wanderers CC Vet 00:19:55
7 Ben Williams i-team Cyclists Club Esp 00:20:00
8= Andrew Meilak VeloRefined Aerosmiths Vet 00:20:04
8= Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles Vet 00:20:04
10 Neil Grunshaw Kingston Wheelers CC Sen 00:20:12
11 Andrew Langdown Blazing Saddles Vet 00:20:22
12 Simon Smart DRAG2ZERO Vet 00:20:29
13 Andrew Thomas ...a3crg Sen 00:20:34
14 Mark Stafford Portsmouth North End CC Vet 00:20:38
15 Jon Hughes VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:20:39
16= Colin McDermott Festival Road Club Vet 00:20:45
16= James Fawcett ...a3crg Vet 00:20:45
18 Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael Vet 00:20:48
19= Tom Foster Charlotteville CC Sen 00:20:53
19= Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC Sen 00:20:53
21 Graham Harman Sotonia CC Vet 00:20:55
22= James Dick Tri Team Wessex Vet 00:21:02
22= Angus MacInnes Royal Air Force CA Vet 00:21:02
22= Rhys Thomas Southampton University RC Sen 00:21:02
25 Gavin Tillson cyclisme du loup solitaire Vet 00:21:04
26 Liam Somerville Bike Jockey CC Sen 00:21:05
27 Adrian Blacker C and N Cycles RT Vet 00:21:06
28 Chris Tomsett JAM Cycle Race Team Sen 00:21:07
29 Martin Andrews Velo Club Venta Vet 00:21:08
30 James Churchard Reading CC Vet 00:21:20
31 James Ayton Portsmouth North End CC Vet 00:21:25
32 Perry Lee Southdown Velo Vet 00:21:33
33 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo Vet 00:21:37
34 Gary Ferrett Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:21:39
35 Billy Holman ...a3crg Vet 00:21:47
36 William Grainger Andover Wheelers Vet 00:22:02
37 Richard Moore VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:22:06
38 Robert Gilmour Hounslow & District Wheelers Vet 00:22:08
39 Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg Vet 00:22:09
40 David Wells Petersfield Tri Club Vet 00:22:11
41 Michael Stevens Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:22:13
42 Colin Barton Worthing Excelsior CC Vet 00:22:28
43 Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC Vet 00:22:30
44 Steve Skinner Bognor Regis CC Vet 00:22:55
45 Derek Dowden Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:22:59
46 Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC Sen 00:23:08
47 Michael Harrison North Hampshire RC Vet 00:23:14
48 Robert Pretorius ...a3crg Vet 00:23:20
49 Alan Doney Portsmouth Triathletes Vet 00:23:31
50 Peter Drabble WORX Factory Racing Juv 00:23:33
51 Dale Buckett Bike Jockey CC Esp 00:24:13
52 Robert Oliver Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:25:02
53 Martin Scofield VTTA (Surrey & Sussex) Vet 00:25:11
54 Peter Knipe Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:25:49
55 Ken Rayson ...a3crg Vet 00:27:23
Team Classification
Pos Team Counting Riders Time
1 Blazing Saddles James Mapley, Howard Bayley,Andrew Langdown 01:00:16
2 ...a3crg Andrew Thomas, James Fawcett, Billy Holman 01:03:06
3 Fareham Wheelers CC Michael Stevens, Robert Oliver, Peter Knipe 01:13:04
Photos Dave Collard-Berry

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