Thursday 16 May 2019

Crabwood CC Club 15, Results

P164/15 16/05/19
Six Crabwood riders turned out for this evening’s 15, however disappointingly there was only one rider from New Forest CC, in what was meant to be an inter-club event.

On a mild evening with just a gentle SE breeze, Pat Lafford was fastest in 37.20, guest Mike Anderson 2nd in 39.24, with Simon Wheeler 3rd in 40.32.

It was good to see John Sanchez-Bisson make his return to racing.

Thanks once again to timekeepers David Crocker and Jacky Betteridge, other helpers Colin Smith, Pete Betteridge, David Hanbury and Gary Evans.
Claire Newman

1 Patrick Lafford Crabwood CC 37.20

2 Mike Anderson CC Moncontourais 39.24

3 Simon Wheeler Crabwood CC 40.32

4 Brian Coupe Crabwood CC 41.43

5 Claire Newman Crabwood CC 42.17

6 Sonia Laurie New Forest CC 42.44

7 John Tunney Crabwood CC 42.49

8 John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood CC 46.08

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