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New Forest CC Boxing Day 10, Start List

Disley (22:58) on his way to victory on a cold Boxing Day in 2010

Former winner Xavier Disley (AeroCoach) heads the field in the New Forest CC Boxing Day 10 at Ringwood. Disley will be looking for his 4th win in 6 years at the festive event. Winner last year, Matt Burden has not entered but Competition in the field of 83 will come from Andy Langdown (Blazing Saddles), Gavin Tilson (Lone Wolf), Charley Calvert (Bournemouth Arrrow) Andy Cooper (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers), Anthony Green (New Forest CC), James Horton, Sam Wadsley (Poole Wheelers) & Simon Berogna ( VC ST Raphael). The womens race looks set to be a battle between Louisa Cooper (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh) & Lou Dutch ( Synergie Coaching) but youngster, Lucy Gadd ( Poole Wheelers) could surprise them both. Matt Downie (Eden Veranda RT), Mitch Webber (Pedal Heaven rt) and Stu Bowers (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh) should produce an interesting road bike tussle, national veteran MTB champion Bowers up against the two emerging talents.

10:01:00 Penny Cossburn Sotonia CC Female Vet
2 10:01:00 Mary Corbett Sotonia CC Female Vet
3 10:03:00 Nicholas O'Hara 3C Cyclexperience Male Vet
4 10:03:00 Sean Williams Spysports Male Vet

5 10:05:00 Charley Calvert Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Junior
6 10:06:00 Gavin Robinson New Forest CC Male Senior
7 10:07:00 Philip Godfrey Sotonia CC Male Senior
8 10:08:00 Kate Bowers Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Female Senior
9 10:09:00 Ben Gill Poole Whs Male Juvenile
10 10:10:00 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
11 10:11:00 Ian Sherin 3C Cyclexperience Male Vet
12 10:12:00 Chris Wilson Tornado Road Cycling Club Male Senior
13 10:13:00 Iain Palmer Twickenham CC Male Senior
14 10:14:00 Mike Anderson Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
15 10:15:00 PAUL LOCKYER DHCyclesport Male Senior
16 10:16:00 Gareth Smith Southdown Velo Male Vet
17 10:17:00 Lyndon Thompson New Forest CC Male Vet
18 10:18:00 Lucy Gadd Poole Whs Female Juvenile
19 10:19:00 Nicholas Brewster Solent Pirates Youth Cycling Club Male Juvenile
20 10:20:00 Max Webber Abbotts Ann Cycles Male Senior
21 10:21:00 Steve Groome Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
22 10:22:00 Pete Coombs New Forest CC Male Vet
23 10:23:00 Kevin Harris Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
24 10:24:00 Dave Cooper Andover Wheelers Male Senior
25 10:25:00 Brendan Reese Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Senior
26 10:26:00 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Senior
27 10:27:00 Perry Lee Southdown Velo Male Vet
28 10:28:00 Graham Crockford Dulwich Paragon CC Male Senior
29 10:29:00 Harry O'Donoghue Poole Whs Male Juvenile
30 10:30:00 Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
31 10:31:00 Richard Blake Antelope Racing Team Male Vet
32 10:32:00 Thomas Day Poole Whs Male Juvenile
33 10:33:00 Christopher Day Poole Whs Male Vet
34 10:34:00 Mathew Veal New Forest CC Male Senior
35 10:35:00 James Horton Poole Whs Male Senior
36 10:36:00 Nicholas Cooper Andover Wheelers Male Vet
37 10:37:00 Martin Andrews Tri Team Wessex Male Vet
38 10:38:00 Lizzy Campbell Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Female Senior
39 10:39:00 Catherine Pascoe New Forest CC Female Vet
40 10:40:00 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs Male Junior
41 10:41:00 Antony Green New Forest CC Male Vet
42 10:42:00 Luke Monahan UK-Biking - Bournemouth Cycleworks - Trek Male Senior
43 10:43:00 Peter Walker Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male Vet
44 10:44:00 Martin Howes Tornado Road Cycling Club Male Senior
45 10:45:00 Jon Smith Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
46 10:46:00 Deborah Smith Southdown Velo Female Vet
47 10:47:00 Martin Balk 3C Cyclexperience Male Vet
48 10:48:00 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs Male Vet
49 10:49:00 Mat Jessop Tornado Road Cycling Club Male Senior
50 10:50:00 Craig Haslam Tri UK Male Vet
51 10:51:00 Stuart Bowers Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
52 10:52:00 Tom Butler New Forest CC Male Senior
53 10:53:00 Dan Byrne Poole Whs Male Juvenile
54 10:54:00 Neil Dyble Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Vet
55 10:55:00 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club Male Vet
56 10:56:00 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Vet
57 10:57:00 Max Moyles New Forest CC Male Junior
58 10:58:00 Jeremy Gill Poole Whs Male Vet
59 10:59:00 Richard Parker New Forest CC Male Vet
60 11:00:00 Gavin Tillson Lone Wolf Cycling Male Vet
61 11:01:00 Jamie Whitcher Poole Whs Male Juvenile
62 11:02:00 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Female Senior
63 11:03:00 Piotr Parkitny Rugby Racing Cycling Club Male Senior
64 11:04:00 Robert Veal New Forest CC Male Senior
65 11:05:00 Matthew Downie EdenVerandaRacing Male Espoir
66 11:06:00 Nicholas Buck New Forest CC Male Espoir
67 11:07:00 Adrian Watkins Tornado Road Cycling Club Male Vet
68 11:08:00 Michael Round Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
69 11:09:00 Emma Needham CC Weymouth Female Senior
70 11:10:00 Andy Langdown Blazing Saddles Male Vet
71 11:11:00 Matthew Rollinson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Senior
72 11:12:00 David James-Cheesman Southdown Velo Male Espoir
73 11:13:00 Rob Jones Zoom Tri Club Male Vet
74 11:14:00 Fiona Scotter Army Cycling Union Female Vet
75 11:15:00 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
76 11:16:00 Matt Blythe Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Vet
77 11:17:00 Dean Jewer Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
78 11:18:00 Julian Sheppard New Forest CC Male Vet
79 11:19:00 Chris Shimman 3C Cyclexperience Male Senior
80 11:20:00 B Xavier Disley AeroCoach Male Senior
81 11:21:00 Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC Male Vet
82 11:22:00 Martin Ross Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
83 11:23:00 Lou Dutch Synergie Coaching Female Vet
84 11:24:00 Debbie Hallett Bournemouth Arrow CC Female Vet
85 11:25:00 Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Senior
86 11:26:00 Mitchell Webber Pedal Heaven Male Espoir
87 11:27:00 Patryk Witkowski Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Senior
88 11:28:00 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC Male Vet

P311 COURSE HQ Bisterne Village Hall, BH24 3BN

HQ and Parking
Sign on and HQ is Bisterne Village Hall
Please be aware that parking at the hall itself is limited. So if you have a later start and arrive further down the field it is unlikely you will get into the hall carpark.
Large grass verge opposite the hall if addition parking is required (although bear in mind it may be soft at this time of year). There are also a number of laybys along the Ringwood Road which are only a short ride away from the HQ. The key thing is to please ensure that you park clear of the road to avoid creating difficulties for fellow competitors & other road users. We have a large field this year and we don’t want to jeopardise the race in future years due to a few badly parked cars!

A full prize list will be visible on the day. Prizes will also include various spot prizes and the Fancy dress prize so try and stay around for the prize giving if you can. No matter how fast you are, everyone will have the chance of winning something! We will try and get the results finalised as soon as possible after the last competitor has finished. There will ample teas, coffees and cakes available to purchase after you have finished while we compile the results.
Bring a prize, win a prize.

The idea is relatively simple. Bring along a present (wrapped) for the value of approx. £5 and hand this over when you collect your race number. When you have finished, everyone who brought a present can then pick something a different present from the selection. This way, if you bring something, you are guaranteed to go home with a present, even if you don’t know what it will be. It might be that you bring something bike related, something you got 2 of on Christmas day or just a bottle of wine that someone can enjoy. Inventive wrapping encouraged if you want to disguise what it is! Hopefully you get the idea and should be a bit of fun….. and if it is a disaster we won’t do it in 2017!

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