Sunday 18 December 2016

Dorset Miles, 'Tis the Season

The Victorians told us it should snow at Christmas, dear Greg Lake sold it to me better but instead it is just damp and a little bit chilly. A white Christmas? like England winning the world cup, not in my lifetime! Later, the traffic building for the AFC Bournemouth v Southampton premier league match is a sign from God perhaps that miracles do happen. Over to Bear Cross via Hurn & Longham then 5 of us head out to Corfe Mullen, Lytchett Matravers, Morden and on to Wareham.. The bare trees as lifeless as the air across Middlebeare Heath, the greasy road demanding attention. Left at Corfe Castle, Sandy Hill Lane is always fun, gravel, mud, sticks, stones and horse shit cover the narrow back road, Lined out, a good pace, then suddenly a nervous horse & rider, wheels lock as brakes are applied, speed is lost but i still have to bail out, luckily the hedge is soft, something to laugh about later. Little ring on the climb through Langton Matravers, up into the mist, the view of Corfe is denied us and the slick descent of Kingston keeps us cautious. Left at the Castle, through Church Knowle and the climb of Cocknowle, grippy but well behaved. Inattention and a tractor on the downhill nearly has me in the hedge again, something else to laugh about, my fault this time as well. Through East Creech, the climb of Stonehill Down to Creech is a conversation killer to say the least, grown men, heavy breathing, dribble, anywhere else........Fast now to Stoborough and back to Wareham. Two of us turn at Sandford, both of a similar vintage we smugly agree that the youngsters of today are too soft and have it all on a plate! This unarguable truth takes us to Morden and the same way back home, Lytchett and Pardys, blah, blah, blah. Around Hurn Airport, the aforementioned football traffic and a creative last 20 minutes gives me a satisfying total.

4hrs36 80.52 Miles

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