Sunday 26 June 2016

Cox & Georgi in 1-2 at South Region Junior Road Champs!

Matthew Cox & Etienne Georgi made it a 1-2 for Giant CC-Halo Films taking gold & silver at the South Region Junior road race championships. The talented pair were part of a promising move that formed early in the 52 mile race at Stockbridge Down in Hampshire.
The field already stretched by the tough parcours blew apart as Cox, Georgi, James Hywell-Davies (Gillingham & Dist Wh), Jack Hoskins, Alex Van Katwyk (Guernsey CC), Rhys Pilley (Jersey CA), Hayden Burton (Bath CC), Jack Freeman (VC Meudon), Chris Rothwell (Ride 24/7) & Ed Hatfield (PrimeraTeamjobs) turned the heat up.

Hatfield punctured through the feed zone but fought his way back on, using the convoy as best he could. If he got a tow, few would begrudge him that after a very slow wheel change.
Hayden Burton (Bath CC) attacked relentlessly and worked hard but could never get away before Cox made his move. The rolling A30, into the wind deterred any chasers, Georgi bridged across but seemed to pay for his effort, unable to respond to Cox on the uphill finish. Chris Rothwell (Ride 24/7) took the bronze medal, outsprinting Alex Van Katwyk (Guernsey CC).
Matthew Cox
“ It feels good! I went away through the feed on the last lap, I looked back but no one was chasing Etienne came across to me into the head wind on the main road and we worked together till the climb, I led it out and expected Etienne to come round but he just sat on”
Etienne Georgi
“I felt bad all I could do was just sit on him”
Jack Freeman
“I had a late night”

Pos No Full Name Club Team
1st 12 Matthew Cox Giant CC - Halo Films
2nd 43 Etienne Georgi Giant CC - Halo Films st
3rd 32 Chris Rothwell Ride 24/7 @ 0:42
4th 21 Alex Van Katwyk Guernsey Velo Club st
5th 29 Edward Hatfield Primera-Teamjobs st
6th 3 Hayden Burton Bath Cycling Club st
7th 20 Jack Hoskins Guernsey Velo Club @ 0:51
8th 14 James Hywel-Davies Gillingham & District Wheelers CC st
9th 36 Jack Freeman VC Meudon @ 1:06
10th 26 Rhys Pilley Jersey Cycling Association @ 2:53
11th 38 George Jones VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles @ 7:34
12th 22 Joe Clark i-team Cyclists Club @ 7:48
13th 31 Matty Hodgson Ride 24/7 @ 8:15
14th 16 Miles Davey Guernsey Velo Club @ 10:30
15th 39 Oliver Beresford Velo Club Venta @ 10:47
16th 28 Jacob Aries Primera-Teamjobs @ 10:50
17th 37 Ollie Williams VC Meudon @ 11:30
18th 40 Sam Malam Velo Club Venta @ 11:57
19th 8 Charlie Cooper Eden Veranda Racing @ 12:53
20th 30 Gabriel Chinn Ride 24/7 @ 13:40
21st 35 Tom Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden @ 1 lap
22nd 2 George Beck Bath Cycling Club st
23rd 27 Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers st
24th 34 Red Walters Sotonia CC st
25th 19 Ethan Farrell Guernsey Velo Club st
26th 13 Harry Charles Gillingham & District Wheelers CC st

Most Aggresive Rider Ed Hatfield £50 sponsored by "Local Riders,Local Races"

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