Tuesday 6 August 2013

The Future of Time Trials in the South is in Your Hands!

An open letter from Cycling Time Trials South.
DEAR RIDER,As a rider competing in time trials in the South district, you no doubt enjoy your sport and the opportunity to compete on a regular (or even occaisional) basis during the racing season. Time trialling in the south is made possible by clubs choosing to organise both club & open events and the whole programme is co-ordinated by a volunteer district committee. The sport relies on clubs and individuals who love the sport-people like you-who are prpared to put a little back to make the whole system "work".
If you are a rider who has been active for sometime you may already be doing your bit for time trialing by acting as an official or organiser and this is appreciated.Despite issues in the sport caused by increased traffic levels and loss of popular courses there are still healthy grass roots activities, particularly the club events programme which is mostly run by the more well established clubs.The current district committee is keen to ensure the health of the sport in two main ways at the moment and this is why we are communicating directly with you, the keen rider. Firstly the committee is keen to attract new organisers of events. Over recent years some riders wuill have noticed gaps in the event calendar as older organisers retire (often after many years excellent contribution to the sport) or clubs disband. If you have ever wanted to ride locally and no events are on that particular weekend, perhaps you and your club/team might like to consider filling the gap next season? Why not have a look at the calendar and see if you would like to put on an event in 2014. The second way keen time triallist's like you might want to get involved is serving on the district committee? The committe co-ordinates the programme of activities and the courses that are used in the area and it is important that it includes regular racing members (both quick and not so quick)who know the events and courses used across the district and local knowledge is important when deciding which courses are used or newly adopted. Serving on the committe is not onerous and involves attending just eight meetings a year. There are no entry qualifications, you just have to be interested in time trialing and fancy helping keeping it a vibrant sport in the south!

If you would be interested in getting involved and feel you would like to make a contribution to your sport, whether it be as a district committee member or by getting involved in event organisation, in the first instance please contact Alan Sharpen on 02380 768295 or email alansharpen@hotmail.com without obligation for a chat.

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