Wednesday 7 August 2013

CC Weymouth Club 10 06/08/13

August 2013, Club 2-UP P451

The Timekeepers nightmare!

Picture the scene, it's about 5 minutes to the close of sign on, as yet only a few riders have turned up and those that have are waiting to see who else will appear to team up with. Then within minutes riders from all directions descend on mass! Who's riding with who? "how fast are you", "ooh too quick for me" and "don't worry we'll go for it anyway" were all common phases being used as riders tried to find their partner for evening. The hive of activity swarming round the poor Timekeeper who is trying to pull everything together, trying to get matched pairs signed on in order and before the few solos, but some solos have now become pairs and some can't decide to solo or not! However above all it's warm, sunny and almost float conditions!

This was one of those evenings that make it all worth while, with a buzz in the air and everyone up for it, riders young and old, boys and girls and a few more spectators then usual it was a great night to be a 'Trialist'.

Once the action finally got started it was Poole Wheelers 'A' team of Dighton and Icke who recorded their second fastest time on this course to take the win in 20:38. Riding toghether for the second time Steve Pink and David Butt produced a new 2-up PB to take the runners up spot and visitors Dave Wood and Gordon Scott came home third despite being a last minute partnership.

As for the solo riders Calum Croft, riding the course for the first time since getting some 'Tri bars' but still on a road bike, finished in a stunning 21:42 for first individual and second overall. James 'the ringer' Horton also produced a fantastic time of 22:09 to show that he is rapidly developing his TT legs.

A final note for young Oliver Carrington who sliced a huge 1:30 off of his PB and went home very happy.

Full Results:


1. Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers 20:38
+ Terry Icke Poole Wheelers

2. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 22:31
+ David Butt CC Weymouth

3. Dave Wood Wyre Forest 23:49
+ Gordon Scott Chippenham & Dist

4. Matt Merritt CC Weymouth 24:07
+ Adam Fox Day member

5. Andy Buddle Poole Wheelers 24:17
+ Richard Martin Poole Wheelers

6. Henry Clark CATI 24:18
+ Adam Viddell CATI

7. Nick Ireland Dorset Pentathetes 25:13
+ Ian Hughes Bustin Skin

8. Oliver Clark CC Weymouth 26:08
+ Doug Horner Day member

9. Elanor Garrett Offcamber 27:00
+ Nick Friend Wessex RC

10. Brian Sands CC Weymouth 27:07
+ Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth

11. Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers 29:28
+ Danielle Burry Poole Wheelers

12 George Bell Day member 31:47
+ Xavier Vrignean Bath University

13 Joe Withnal CC Weymouth 31:51
+ Lizzie Reynolds CC Weymouth


1. Calum Croft Mud Sweat 'n' Gears 21:42
2. James Horton Cannondale 22:09
3. Chris Perham Day member 25:14
4. Julian Thacker VC St Raphael 25:31
5. Steve Trigwell CC Weymouth 26:21
6. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 28:11
7. Oliver Carrington CC Weymouth 30:30

Thanks to Steve Pink

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