Wednesday 19 June 2013

The "Local Riders, Local Races" Dorset 2 Day,Full Race Programme.

The “Local Riders Local Races” Dorset Two Day Stage Race

Saturday 29/Sunday 30th June 2013



“Local Riders, Local Races” is proud to sponsor the Dorset Two Day Race and hope the prize fund reflects Race Director, Dave Wade’s energy & enthusiasm for cycling in Dorset. Dave’s team of helpers all deserve recognition without whom, the event simply would not happen. Ultimately though, bike racing is about the riders, it’s always about the riders. Ride hard, race aggressively but look after each other on the road, go home on Sunday safe, with tired legs and no regrets.



David Wade: 191 Northmoor Way Wareham Dorset BH20 4SB 01929 556498 - 07827330615



Furzebrook Village Hall
Furzebrooke Road
BH20 5AR


Moreton Village Hall


Team Service Vehicles will be permitted (Teams of three or more). Team managers are reminded that they should obtain the organisers permission to join the race convoy and produce their licence endorsed as the team manager. Teams wishing to be part of the race convey must email the race organiser giving their vehicle and contact details no later than five days before the start of the event. They are required to have race radio or their own form of communication. One neutral service vehicle is being provided.


Chief Commissaire TIM KNIGHT

TIME KEEPERS Colin Price Justin Oakley
NEG Chris Bartlett
NEUTRAL SERVICE Dave Edwards VC St Raphael
PHOTO FINISH Graham Robbins/Anthony Knight
FIRST AID Andrew Timms


0800 - HQ OPENS – Please be considerate with your parking we all have to get in

0815 – 0945 – SIGN ON / GEAR CHECK

1000 – Stage Time Trials – Do not miss your time slot

1215 – BRIEFING – Race Officials/Team Managers/Marshalls/

1245 – Prize Giving Stage One/Stage Three

1250 – Riders Briefing

1315 – Start/Roll Out

1600 – Race Finish (Approx)


There will not be a competitor briefing prior to stage one/three time trials. Competitors are responsible for signing on in good time and getting to the start line at their allocated time. If you do not sign on by 0945hrs your place will be given to a reserve rider. Any rider who does not start Stage One will be barred from starting the remainder stages. Your allocated race number will be your number for the duration of the event. Please retain your race number.


All competitors must produce their valid BC racing licence at ‘sign on’ Race Licences will be kept for the duration of the event. Competitors unable to continue after Stage One must inform Race HQ

Junior riders are subject to Gear Restriction as per British Cycling regulations. The limit is 7.93m at one crank revolution. This ratio restriction is normally 52x14. Riders subject to these regulations must present their bike for inspection before signing on.

All competitors must wear a cycling helmet that meets the British standard when competing in this event. No helmet no ride.

The race will be supported by a neutral service and some Team Support Vehicles. Competitors submitting wheels to neural service do so at their own risk however the race organisation will take reasonable steps to ensure wheels are returned to their rightful owner. Poole Wheelers organisation team will not accept any responsibility or be liable for loss of equipment.


There will not be designated feed stations for Stage One and Three. A designated feed station will be made available for Stages Two and Four. The feed stations are yet to be decided and when they are will be clearly marked.


Protection for riders and the convoy will be provided by motorcyclists from the National Escort Group and static marshals. Safety cover for riders is limited to when you are behind the lead car and in front of the final vehicle in the convoy. This is normally the First Aid Vehicle. If you are dropped from the bunch and behind the final vehicle in the convoy then you are no longer in the safety zone provided by the race convoy and marshalls You therefor cannot assume that vehicles will give way to you or that marshals will be in place at junctions. You must obey the rules of the road and follow the race route exactly until you are directed otherwise by a race official.


Riders are reminded that the Time Trials must be ridden on a Road Bike. No TT Bikes. No Aero Bell/Shell Helmets. No Aero Bars. No Aero Disc or Tri Spoke Wheels. Deep rim Aero wheels (Max depth 80mm e.g. Zipp 808)will be allowed . If you want to wear Skin Suits, Shave your legs and wear shoe covers then this is allowed.

START : Opposite HQ Entrance Furzebrook Village Hall

FINISH : Top of climb Cocknowle Hill


Uphill from start to finish, no deviation of route.

AFTER FINISH: Riders must not stop at the finish line. Riders may if they wish carry on after the finish go down the hill to the crossroads, turn left through Church Knowle and then onto Corfe Castle. Turn left at the T Junction to roundabout, turn left at roundabout along A351 (which looks like straight on) ride to next roundabout then turn left up Furzebrook Road back to HQ. This ride is about 5 miles and can be described as a good warm down. Alternatively, competitors can re trace the time trial course back to the HQ but under no circumstances must you interfere physically or verbally with competitors on their timed run. Observers will be on the course.

NOTES: Riders must make their own way to the start ensuring they get there on time. If any rider fails to make their allocated start time they will be required to start at the back of the field with an appropriate time penalty.


START: Adjacent to HQ Moreton Village Hall

FINISH: Adjacent to HQ Moreton Village Hall

DESCRIPTION: A flat 2.2 mile loop around Moreton Village Hall with three sharp left hand turns. Directions will be in place and the turns will be marshalled.

AFTER FINISH: On crossing the finish line, COMPETITORS MUST NOT PASS THE START TIME KEEPER but either turn left at the HQ immediately after the finish line or turn right when clear, some 50 metres after the finish. Any rider that passes the Start Line & Start Time Keeper will be deemed to have interfered with fellow competitors and as a consequence will be awarded the slowest recorded time plus 25 seconds.

MECHANICALS: TIME TRIALS ONLY. If a competitor has a proven mechanical failure on the Time Trial Courses and cannot complete the course, that competitor will be awarded the slowest time plus 25 seconds. You must prove the mechanical failure to the Commissaries at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so will result in possible elimination from the event. Will include punctures.

The below start sheet is the official start order for Stage One Saturday 29th June 2013. Please do not miss your allocated start time. The start sheet for Stage Three Sunday 30th June 2013 will be published overnight and the starting order will be slowest rider going first through to the fastest rider starting last. This will mean you arriving at the HQ on the Sunday in good time to be prepared to start at 10:01hrs.


Start No. Name Club Cat Start Time Time In Actual Time

1 Dring Team Echelon - Rotor 2nd 10:01
2 Beale.R Beeline Bicycles RT 2nd 10:02
3 Baylis.T Mid Devon CC 2nd 10:03
4 Beale.N Beeline Bicycles RT 2nd 10:04
5 Baylis.S Madison Genesis 1st 10:05
6 Bolwell VC St Raphael 2nd 10:06
7 Bone I-Team Cyclists' Club 2nd 10:07
8 Bray Newquay Velo 3rd 10:08
9 Brooks VC St Raphael 1st 10:09
10 Butt Team ASL360 2nd 10:10
11 Campbell Army Cycling Union 2nd 10:11
12 Cartland Team Echelon - Rotor 1st 10:12
13 Coleman Dream Cycling 1st 10:13
14 Cox Gillingham and District Wheelers/Wheels Cycles 3rd 10:14
15 Cripps Banjo Cycles 2nd 10:15
16 Croft Mud, Sweat n Gears CC 2nd 10:16
17 Crolla AW Cycles 2nd 10:17
18 Davis Bristol RC 2nd 10:18
19 Dawkins Team Quest - The Bike Shop 2nd 10:19
20 Digby La Fuga - Sigma Sport 3rd 10:20
21 Dixon Severn RC 2nd 10:21
22 Donohue Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 2nd 10:22
23 Baskaya Dream Cycling 1st 10:23
24 Dunbar Equipe CMI 2nd 10:24
25 Edney North Devon Wheelers - South Fork 2nd 10:25
26 Elgie Peter Hansford Racing 2nd 10:26
27 Fitzpatrick Abergavenny Road Club 3rd 10:27
28 Fletcher Team Axiom 2nd 10:28
29 Franklin Team Diabetes UK 2nd 10:29
30 Gardner Cannondale Racing 4th 10:30
31 Gerrard Southfork 2nd 10:31
32 Ginn Team ASL360 3rd 10:32
33 Gorton Team Tor 2000 3rd 10:33
34 Gray Trek UK 3rd 10:34
35 Griffiths Bristol South CC 1st 10:35
36 Grigalis Southampton University RC 2nd 10:36
37 Harcourt RT 2nd 10:37
38 Hitchings Peter Hansford Racing 2nd 10:38
39 Hookins Offcamber 3rd 10:39
40 Humphrey VC St Raphael 2nd 10:40
41 Ilett Bristol South CC 2nd 10:41
42 Humphreys RT 2nd 10:42
43 Horner VC St Raphael 1st 10:43
44 Latimer AW Cycles 1st 10:44
45 Leach Mud, Sweat n Gears CC 4th 10:45
46 Leakey Performance Cycles 2nd 10:46
47 Leech.M Team Tor 2000 2nd 10:47
48 Manaton 3rd 10:48
49 Marshall RT 2nd 10:49
50 Martin.A Equipe CMI 1st 10:50
51 Martin.R Team Tor 2000 3rd 10:51
52 McDowell Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 3rd 10:52
53 McEvoy Newquay Velo 2nd 10:53
54 McKimm Dream Cycling 2nd 10:54
55 Mildon Mud, Sweat n Gears CC 2nd 10:55
56 Mitchell I-Team Cyclists' Club 3rd 10:56
57 Munns Ride 24/7 2nd 10:57
58 Murison Equipe CMI 1st 10:58
59 Perry Dirtwheels Cycles 1st 10:59
60 Price Poole Whls CC 4th 11:00
61 Radcliffe I-Team Cyclists' Club 3rd 11:01
62 Redding.S Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT 2nd 11:02
63 Redding.A I-Team Cyclists' Club 3rd 11:03
64 Rees Team Tor 2000 3rd 11:04
65 Richards.H Rutrainingtoday CC 3rd 11:05
66 Richardson.N Ful-On Tri Club 3rd 11:06
67 Richardson.P Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood 3rd 11:07
68 Rickaby Southampton University RC 3rd 11:08
69 Robbins Cardiff JIF 1st 11:09
70 Royle Banjo Cycles 3rd 11:10
71 Snow North Devon Wheelers - South Fork 2nd 11:11
72 Stedman AW Cycles 2nd 11:12
73 Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whls 3rd 11:13
74 Valentine Poole Whls CC 3rd 11:14
75 Wade VC St Raphael 2nd 11:15
76 Walker Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 2nd 11:16
77 Wallduck 2nd 11:17
78 Ward Ride 24/7 2nd 11:18
79 Webber Primera-Specialized 2nd 11:19
80 Willcocks Royal Air Force CC 2nd 11:20
81 Hoy Bristol RC 3rd 11:21
82 Plumb 3rd 11:22
83 Ward Ful-On Tri Club 3rd 11:23


Stage two is a 5.2 mile loop around Furzebrook Village hall. Under neutralization, the route goes from Furzebrook Village Hall travelling North to the A351. Riders then turn left onto the A351 and after about 500 meters turn left onto Grange Road. Now travelling south along Grange Road the uphill section starts rising steadily. After 1.7 miles the course turns left up to East Creech. When you reach the crest of East Creech you will pass the finish line and note the lap board saying 9 laps to go, the race is on. You then ride past the farm and duck pond before turning left back onto Furzebrook Road and down past the event HQ. then back up to East Creech.

NOTE: The Commissaries will decide on the day when and where to denaturalize this stage race but I suspect it will be before the East Creech Climb.


Stage four is a 20.3 mile circuit deep in Hardy Country. You will lap this circuit three times. Starting under neutralization the race will move from race HQ onto the Crossways Road the B3390. Going north east the course proceeds along the road passing the finish line at Affpuddle Forest where you will see the lap board displaying 3 laps to go. Continue on until it turns left(4.0Mls) onto the Puddletown Road (the old a35). Now heading towards Dorchester the course passes Tolpuddle and Puddletown. Riders please note that when passing through these villages cars will be parked either side, please be careful. At Puddletown there are traffic lights that are being controlled by Dorset Police. (They aint cheap) If they (the traffic lights) are red please do not stop as this is probably the first time you can legally ride through a red light. Moving out of Puddletown the course continues on via two roundabouts going under the A35 Dual Carriageway then rejoining the old A35 (Yellowham Hill)(8.1 mls). The course continues on going back over the A35 Dual Carriageway then turns right to Higher Bockhampton and then onto Lower Bockhampton. At the T Junction at the end of Bockhampton Lane the course turns left going through West Stafford and then to the T Junction where the course turns left and then immediate left again at Woodland View Farm and then back to the Crossways Road B3390. Turn left onto B3390 then past the start finish line at Affpuddle and recirculate.

I will not circulate maps by email. Maps will be available at HQ and Google maps is easy to follow.

1ST £250
2, £150
3, £100
4, £75
5, £50
6, £40
7, £35
8, £25
9, £20
10, £15
STAGE 1 & 3
1ST £20
2ND £15
3RD £10
STAGE 2 & 4
1ST £50
2ND £30
3RD £20

I hope you have a great 2 days, I wish you all the very best of luck and may the best person win.

David Wade
Poole Wheelers

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