Tuesday 25 June 2013


GHS – South District Time Trial Championship

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations by Poole Wheelers

Course: P459C Event Secretary: Graham Hurst
Date: Wednesday 26th June 2013 15 De Courtenai Close
Timekeepers: Bearwood
Start Mr Graham Hurst Bournemouth
Finish Mrs Ros Spencer BH11 9PG
Recorder Mrs Joan Price Tel : 01202 579899

Course Record 21:37 Gary Dighton 20th June 2012
The Event Headquarters will be in the : Lay-by just North of the start / finish in Puddletown Road.
Parking – There is ample parking in the lay-by in Puddletown Road just past the start / finish

Prize List There are no monitory prizes for this event although the first 3, first team and winners of each category as detailed on the entry form will automatically qualify for the national final on Saturday 7th September

All competitors will receive a commemorative Medal and Certificate

Important Note

Safety Helmets – As regulation 15 printed in the Cycling Time Trials Handbook it is a requirement all youth and junior competitors to wear a Protective Hard Shell Helmet. If you are not wearing a helmet, you will not be allowed to start. It is also strongly recommended you use a rear flashing light.

P459C Course Description :

START on unclassified road (Puddletown Road) opposite the most southern end of lay-by approx 0.15 miles from the Gallows hill junction
Proceed to junction and turn left. 0.15 miles
Proceed South to Roundabout junction with A352 (2.23miles) where left along A352 eastbound to Worgret Heath where WITH CARE turn very sharp left (hairpin) onto unclassified road 5.83miles
Proceed north-west across heath to
FINISH at same point as the Start 10.15 miles
Course Leg Details
Leg No Start End Distance Road Type Ascent (feet) Ascent Percentage Descent (feet) Descent Percentage
1 Start Gallows Hill 0.15 Other B or Fast Unclassified Road 0 0.000 3 0.417
2 Gallows Hill Wool A352 Rbt 2.08 Other B or Fast Unclassified Road 13 0.240 180 3.293
3 Wool A352 Rbt Worgret Heath 3.60 Other A or Fast B Road 134 1.416 121 1.278
4 Worgret Heath Finish 4.32 Other B or Fast Unclassified Road 236 2.069 78 0.690

Any rider observed riding in a manner which may jeopardise his or her own safety, the safety of others and the future of the Sport will be reported to the South District Council of Cycling Time Trials

Notes and local regulations
1. NO warming up in the start or finish area once the event has started.
2. Riders must not cross the carriageway or make U-turns in the vicinity of the start or finish.
3. The NUMBERS will be at the Event Headquarters. Riders must sign the Official Signing on sheet to obtain their race number
4 All parking to be in the lay-by in Puddletown Road .
5 No times will be given by the timekeeper at the finish, but will be posted on the results board at the HQ.
6 Any rider observed riding in a manner which may jeopardise his or her own safety, the safety of others and the future of the sport will be disqualified and reported to CTT South DC
Your attention is drawn to:
7 Reg. 20 (Observation of the law.).
8 Reg. 21 (Paced and company riding).
9 Observers may be in attendance along the course.

IMPORTANT The Turn ( hairpin) at 5.83 miles is sharp, any rider that crosses the white line in the centre of the road in the approach to or exit of this junction is liable to be disqualified.
An observer will be present.

Start Sheet GHS Time Trial
No Name Club School Age* Start Time (P.M.)
1 Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers Sandford Middle School M12 19.01
2 Tom Stables Guernsey Velo Club M12 19.02
3 Alex Hall Andover Wheelers John Hanson School M13 19.03
4 William Le Ray Guernsey Velo Club Elizabeth College M12 19.04
5 Joshua Langmead Guernsey Velo Club M12 19.05
6 Jake Billinghurst Guernsey Velo Club Elizabeth College M15 19.06
7 Alistair Fielding Peter Hansford Racing M13 19.07
8 Joshua Thornton Guernsey Velo Club Elizabeth College M12 19.08
9 Emily Hall Andover Wheelers John Hanson School F15 19.09
10 Katie Halliday Guernsey Velo Club Ladies College F12 19.10
11 Lucy Edmunds Bournemouth Arrow CC/Hotel Collingwood F14 19.11
12 Amy Sharpe Guernsey Velo Club Ladies College F13 19.12
13 Eve Jefferies Poole Wheelers F14 19.13
14 Sophie Dorey Guernsey Velo Club F15 19.14
15 Rebecca Raybould Poole Wheelers Wey Valley F15 19.15
16 Sam Culverwell Guernsey Velo Club Elizabeth College M12 19.16
17 Samuel Wadsley Poole Wheelers Poole Grammar M15 19.17
18 Miles Davey Guernsey Velo Club St Sampsons High School M13 19.18
19 Ian Donohue Fareham Wheelers Meoncross M16 19.19
20 Alex Van Katwyk Guernsey Velo Club St Sampsons High School M13 19.20
21 Jed Webber Andover Wheelers M16 19.21
22 Jack English Guernsey Velo Club Elizabeth College M16 19.22

* Age as at 31st August 2013

Have a safe ride and Good Luck

What is the GHS Championship?

It is a competition named after the late George Herbert Stancer OBE (1878-1962)

The George Herbert Stancer 10 Mile Time Trial Championship is named in tribute to a man of many talents. George Herbert Stancer or GHS as he was known, in his early years was a nationally renowned performer on both cycle and tricycle holding both titles & records. Throughout his career he was a leading administrator of the sport, taking over the presidency of the C.T.C. in 1920 at a time when the membership was only about 8,500. Almost from the day he took over the membership started to grow again, and he had the satisfaction of seeing it rise to over 50,000 before his retirement in 1945. GHS was also for several years editor of “Cycling magazine” and he continued to be active in the sport until his death in 1962. After his death a trust fund was established with aim of promoting and encouraging participation amongst the young. To this end the National Schools 10 mile championship was formed and later adopted by the RTTC in 1970.

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