Sunday 30 June 2013

New Forest News!

Posting the results

POSTAL colleagues Stuart Peckham and Peter Wilson delivered a one-two in New Forest Cycling Club’s evening 15-mile time trial south of Ringwood Wrtes Bob Jolliffe.......
New Forest CC’s Peckham was the faster of the pair, collecting another three points to add to his lead in his club’s championship table, with a time of 36min 28sec, just four seconds faster than Bournemouth Arrow CC’s Wilson.
Sacha Ring was second fastest New Forest rider taking third overall and picking up two points with his 37-20. Geri Robinson collected the final point on offer with 38-08.
GA Cycles’ Stuart Grace took fifth overall with 38-20, Veralum CC’s Martin Plumb, brother of New Forest’s Gary, was sixth with 38-28, New Forest’s Graham Lenton clocked 38-43, second claim New Forest rider Martin Beale (VC St Raphael) 38-45, while the Forest’s Dan Mitchell was the final competitor to beat 39 minutes with 38-49.
Others (NFCC unless stated): Keith Bradfield 39-01, Gary Plumb 39-51, Richard Rajski 40-02, Chris Conrath 41-36, Roger Lightfoot (Come and Try It) 42-15, Phil Jones 42-40, Paul Shields 42-58, Chris Mills 43-08, Geoff Weller 43-09, Bob Jolliffe 46-10, Ben Cook (Come and Try It) 46-46.
Liss a hit
Southampton and East Dorset area riders benefited from fast conditions in …a3crg’s 25-miler at Liss the previous evening.
Sebastian Ader of the promoting club took victory with a sparkling 50-12 from Kingston Wheeler Steve Irwin (50-34) and Totton veteran Steve Whitewick (VeloRefined/Aerosmiths) with 51-05.
Poole Wheelers’ Gary Dighton was seventh with 51-26, Peter Hansord Racing’s Andrew Bryson clocked 52-35 for 15th, Dighton’s super-vet teammate Terry Icke was 21st with 53-47, GA Cycles’ Gary Allan hit top form and took 26th with 53-56 while teammate Ray Claridge was 31st with 54-29.
Others: Cliff Rowe (Bournemouth Jubilee Whlrs) 54-40, Ollie Hitching (Peter Hansford Racing) 54-46, Darren Lewis (Poole Whlrs) 55-11, Stuart Martingale (Sotonia CC) 56-02.
New Forest CC’s Peckham was celebrating a personal best improvement of more than four minutes when he clocked exactly 2hr 1min for 50 miles in the Hampshire Road Club event on the same roads six days later.
“I was pleased with that. I was hoping to go under [two hours], but you know what it’s like; you just fade away a bit,” he said.
VeloRefined/Aerosmiths’ James Gilfillan followed up his fourth in the National Championship 50 the previous weekend with 1-42-24 to win from Poole-based High Wycombe CC rider Adam Topham (1-42-59) and …a3crg’s Ader with 1-46-21.
Others: Terry Icke (Poole Whlrs) 1-51-03, Gary Allan (GA Cycles) 1-52-48 and Ray Claridge (GA Cycles) 1-55-23.
Sharland wins Alton 10
Kingston Whlrs Rob Sharland took top honours in Alton CC’s 10 at Bentley with 20-22 from Richard Prebble (Node4-Giordana Racing Team) with 20-46 and Sharland’s clubmate Phil Ember with 21-29.
Others: Chris Summers (Sotonia CC) 27-56, Bob Jolliffe (New Forest CC) 28-14 and Bob West (VC Venta) 30-44.

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