Wednesday 26 June 2013

Raymond Brown Track League. 25/06/13

We had hoped to bring you a report/photos from the Raymond Brown track league on Tuesday 25/06/13; however a change in policy by league organiser on behalf of Bournemouth Arrow cc, Alan McRae, meant that access to results was blocked. McRae reasoned that the league wanted to produce its own professional results and that publication of provisional results only made things harder. ?? “Local Riders, Local Races” was at the track but left after our request for “top three” results was refused. We would like to apologies to all the riders for the lack of coverage of your racing efforts last evening. Without results we did not think we could do you or a report justice. The aim of "Local Riders,Local Races" is to support, promote & reflect cycle racing in Dorset and the south,this evening at the Bournemouth track that opportunity was denied. We are dissapointed with Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Clubs position but remain hopeful that this issue can be resolved.


  1. Thats a shame ED, this is the best cycling news site in our area.

    I'm sure I'm not the only rider whos appreciated the top quality pictures, that tell the story of the racing so well.

    Well done on the site, you've made cycling events + news much more accessible.

    Will Clark

  2. That's the Arrows' loss then Eamonn. This blog is the go-to site for a *quick* results service plus great photos & write-ups. Keep it up, you have huge support out here!

  3. Clearly, someone at the Arrows needs to get a better grasp on the concept of product development. Withholding information makes no sense whereas duplication will at worst increase traffic between sites. If they want to increase the numbers wanting to race on the track, they have just impeded any progress. And people wonder why people are resistant to join clubs.......

  4. As an Arrow member I find this strange. Why block a method of promoting the league outside of facebook.

    Strange decision

  5. I think it,s a real shame ED has been stopped from reporting from this event. I look forward to his quality pictures, reports and the really quick turn around. This event needs more coverage to get more people to attend. The track is not just for local cyclists. It needs people to come from further afield and without ED's coverage fellow cyclists will not know what they are missing out on.
    I didn't realise the Arrow's had a privacy policy.
    Any promotion or publicity is a good thing especially when it is provided free and such good quality.

    Keep up the good work ED.

  6. I agree with the above comments it is a shame that Bournemouth Arrows cannot see what damage is done to the sport in the attitude of Mr Mcrae. The whole reason for getting the track built was to promote the sport and encourge people to come along and race including younger kids but even this is being stopped. WHERE WILL THE FUTURE CYCLISTS COME FROM. He or someone from Bournemouth Arrows needs to sort this stupid situation out and lets get back to seeing reports published on here and also see the future youngsters racing again in the league.