Saturday, 22 June 2013

Crabwood CC Club 15

CRABWOOD CC 15 - 20.06.13 - P164/15

Position Name Club Time Inter-club points President's Cup Points

1st Steve Whitewick VeloRefined Aerosmiths 33.40
2nd Kevin King Sotonia CC 35.19
3rd Ben Rickaby Southampton University RC 36.29
4th Stephen Wood Antelope RT 36.34
5th Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 37.32 1
6th Paul Edmonds Southampton Tri Club 38.01
7th Mike Zollo Southampton Tri Club 38.10
8th Steward Ward New Forest CC 38.42 2
9th Patrick Lafford Crabwood CC 39.26 3 10
10th Tom Butler New Forest CC 39.39 4
11th Graham Lenton New Forest CC 39.50 5
12th Andy Page Portsmouth North End CC 40.29
13th Mick Anglim New Forest CC 40.40 6
14th David England Crabwood CC 41.20 7 9
15th Andy Evans Come and Try It 41.45
16th Claire Newman Crabwood CC 42.00 8 8
17th Paul Harris New Forest CC 42.37 9
18th Mike Anderson VC St Raphael 42.48
19th Paul Jones New Forest CC 42.50
20th Konnor Bracher-Walsh New Forest CC 43.21
21st Martin Ward Sotonia CC 43.24
22nd Chris Mills New Forest CC 44.29
23rd Andy Stevens Crabwood CC 45.50 10 7
24th John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood CC 47.47 11 6
25th Bob Jolliffe New Forest CC 48.41

Inter-club Competition (1st leg)
New Forest CC 27
Crabwood CC 51
A nice warm evening but a fair headwind across the heath. I wonder whether this is a course record, I have no idea.
The second leg of the inter-club takes place in the NFCC 10 on 9th July.
Thanks to officials and helpers Jacky and Pete Betteridge, Roy Budd, Dave Crocker, Colin Smith & Simon Wheeler.
Cheers. Claire Newman

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