Sunday 6 November 2016

Dorset Miles: Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 50 Mile Reliability Trial

117 signed on for the 30th ish Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 50 mile reliability trial, with all but a few signing back in, inside the 4 hour time limit. At just £1 a ride all got good value for money on a sharp, bright November morning, the temperature rising in tandem with the north westerly wind. To ease the passage through Wimborne riders were set off in groups of 30 a few minutes apart, the climb of Rowlands hill forcing selections early doors. Anti clockwise this year, its harder against the clock, the route has changed little over the years, heading out to Deansgrove, Furzehill, Gaunts Common and down to Horton. The rise up from Woodlands thins the group, most rejoining on the descent, then on to Knowlton and the ruined, haunted church. This time last year the Drovers Arms at Gussage All Saints was boarded up, it was warming to see the spruced up community pub awaiting the first customers of the day. The climb up from Gussage St Michael is steep but short and we are quickly down the other side at Long Crichel and the A354, left at Tarrant Hinton, Tarrant Launceston, Tarrant Monkton & Tarrant Rawston, thankfully the climb up to the golf course puts the Tarrants behind us and the scream down to Blandford Forum is only spoilt if you have to stop at the roundabout at the bottom, we had to stop. Through the town and then the long drag up and over to Winterborne Stickland, steeper at the bottom, the climb levels off but the height gained puts us into the wind for the first time. The fresh air slows us but not for long, we are heading east and lined out through Winterborne Whitechurch as pressure is applied on the front. Across the A31 at Red Post and the twisty, gravel strewn lanes around Morden, the tough approach to Lytchett Matravers softens the legs before the final climb up to the village. Pardys Hill is short but steep, crest that and all that remains is the dash along Merley lane, tea & cake and the chance to talk through the whole ride again! "We could call this a sportif and charge £20" says one green, keen Jubilee member. "Not on my watch" growls the "stuck in the past" chairman!

*The Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers would like to thank all those members & non members who come out to support the reliability trials. Next up, the 100km on 4th Dec and dont forget the Bournemouth Arrow 50 on November 27th.
Simon ????
Tony Bailey
Mark Baynham
Cliff Berridge
Adam Bardsley
Nicki Brayne
Paul Brown
Paul Canham
Pete Carter
Janie Chapman
Adam Conti
Andrew Cook
Andy Cooper
David Cooper
Stuart Corbin
Dave Crichton
David Crouch
Bill Day
Paolo De Luca
Eamonn Deane
Stuart Domay
Victor Douglas
Ross Evans
Graham Fletcher
Bob Ford
Mark Freeman
Ben Galvin
Craig Galway
Philip Glackin
Mark Grainger
Phillip Grant
Simon Green
Rob Griffiths
Steve Groome
Rodney Hartle
K Hemming
D Hircock
Mark Hitchcott
John Holloway
Sean Howe
Andrew Humphreys
Neil Ingles
Eve Jefferies
M Jennings
Nick Jones
Mark Julier
Laura Julier
Andrew Kahn
Gordon Keay
Charlotte Kelly
Tom Kelly
Maciej Kiedrowski
Jud Kirk
Pete Kirk
Richard Lang
Aaron Lawes
Tina Lynn
Mike Mackenzie
David Makepeace
Jason Mallalieg
Luke Monahan
Peter Morgan
Mark Morgan
Steve Moss
Neil Mousley
Graham Munro
Simon Nash
Andy Neil
John O'Brien
Kevin Owen
Rob Paulley
Dan Pearce
Stuart Peckham
Dave Pickering
Thomas Pilon
Peter Redhead
Phil Renshaw
Chas Renshaw
Bob Richardson
Kevin Ridge
Matt Rollinson
Clifford Rowe
Keith Rumball
John Samways
Neil Schofield
Malcolm Scott
Phillip Scriven
Naomi Shinkins
Tim Smith
Bob Smith
Phil Sparkes
Steve Staniland
Graham Starmer
Tom Stocker
Tony Strickland
Jonathan Talbot
Lyndon Thompson
Carol Tilley
Roland Tilley
Ian Turner
Andrew Waddington
Michelle Walter
Richard Walter
Matt Wemms
Pete Wilson
Chris Wilson
Nigel Winter
Andy Witheford
Fiona Wrixon
Alan Young

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