Thursday 19 July 2012

Primera/Specialized Riding Strong

Will Stephenson & Harrison Fielding

Jay Eastwood reports…… It was a dark and windy night but fortunately the rain held off for the usual Wednesday night race at Portsmouth. After a tame first lap the action kicked off, with Primera-Specialized covering all moves, with at some points all 4 riders in the break. Eventually a 4 man break stuck, consisting of Toby Neave and Will Stephenson of Primera, along with Justin Hoy (Felt-Colbornes) and Harrison Fielding (Poole Wheelers). The group worked well and gained a lap without too much trouble and everything was back together with over half the race still remaining. The attacks kept coming with Jay Eastwood (Primera-Specialized) preventing the other riders 'a lap up' from getting away. Will attacked and gained a short lead, tempting riders to bridge the gap to his wheel. Jay, Ian Legg (Primera-Specialized) and Harrison made the jump and the group of 4 worked well. The move was in the favour of the Primera riders, as it was a potential opportunity for Will to gain 2 laps on the field. It took a while for the break to establish a decent lead with many riders in the bunch trying to chase including Toby Neave obviously confused by who had a lap and who didn't. Jay dropped back to protect the developing win for Will and the remaining break dug deep and as it gained a half lap lead Harrison struggled to hold the pace and returned to the bunch, perhaps tired from his efforts in the Bournemouth Track League the night before. With only Will and Ian remaing and a large amount of work in the wind to share, the riders slowly started to gain distance on the bunch. The gap held for a while with about 1/3 of lap left to gain. Their perseverence payed off and the Primera-Specialized riders joined the back of the bunch where Jay was waiting to move them back up to the front. Will was now the only rider 2 laps up so had the win in the bag. With around 5 laps remaining Ian put in a hard attack and went off the front alone. Jay held the bunch including sprint specialist Justin Hoy giving Ian just enough gap to prevent potential attacks. Ian's good form showed, as he stayed away to take 2nd place. With 1st and 2nd secured, Jay lead out the bunch sprint which was won by Justin with Toby and Jay close on his heels.
Primera proved their dominance producing a strong team performance to take the top spots on the night in style. The whole team were riding strong and will be back for more next week.

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