Wednesday 18 July 2012

Performance Testing with Southern Cycle Coaching

Southern Cycle Coaching has been working with Applemore College, to set up performance testing opportunities for cyclists with an eye on enhancing their riding performances.

Although Watt bike testing and the college facilities can't offer the same level of sophistication that a Sports Science laboratory can, we have devised a novel testing protocol that will give riders the option to cost effectively assess a number of key determinants of riding performance.

Test results can be used for merely interest ...or as a fitness monitoring tool as well as aid training prescription.

Testing dates will be infrequent and spaces will be limited per session:

The first testing session will be on the 26th of July between 7 pm & 9 pm.

The testing will include measurement of the following:
> Aerobic power

> Peak cadence
> Peak power output
> Pedalling technique analysis
> Percentage body fat using skin fold callipers
> Body Mass Index
> Power to weigh ratio
> Performance indices
This session will be limited to 4 riders at a cost of £30 a test
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