Wednesday 18 July 2012

CC Weymouth Club 10 17/07/12

Steve Pink writes.....

What's that big yellow thing in the sky?

Let's not get carried away people but we've had two weeks racing in a row! What with the Jet stream apparently moving northward hopefully we can get a run of good weather for what's left of the season.

And talking of Jets the other things flying last night were a few of our club members. Ian Gillam stormed round in a very impressive 21:44 to take both the win, and maximum club points, Greg Parker, fresh from a new PB at the Poole Wheelers 10 on Sunday, set another course best of 22:00 for second place and David Butt dipped under the 24 minute mark (23:56) for the first time to round out the top three. These times were all the more impressive as conditions could be describe as more than a little 'windy'!

We also welcomed a crop of new riders, Paul, Alex and Helena, all of whom set excellent times for their first attempt, we hope they enjoyed their evening and will return soon?

Back to the P459 (Monkey World/Glider Club Course) next Tuesday evening, where in the rare absence of our treasured timekeeper (Justin) I will be taking up the stopwatch. See you all there?

Full Results

1. Ian Gillam CC Weymouth 0:21:44 CB
2. Greg Parker CC Weymouth 0:22:00 CB
3. David Butt CC Weymouth 0:23:56 CB
4. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 0:24:37
5. Paul Stockley Wessex RC 0:25:41
6. Paul Lausen Day member 0:26:24
7. Peter Hammond CC Weymouth 0:26:26
8. Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 0:27:20
9. Mike Watts Mud Sweat 'n' Gears 0:27:26
10. Alex Adams Day member 0:27:27
11. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 0:27:46
12. Jonathan Terry Poole Wheelers 0:28:41
13. Ian Miller CC Weymouth 0:29:00
14. Richard Gould CC Weymouth 0:30:53
15. Helena Day member 0:30:56

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