Thursday 23 May 2013

CC Weymouth Club 10, Topham Returns!

21 May 2013, CC Weymouth club 10 (2-up), P451

Despite the warm weather just four pairs turned out for the 2-up this week, although three further single riders made the start line. Conditions were good with dry roads and moderate winds.
Poole Wheelers duo of Gary Dighton and Terry Icke did their usual and took the pairs win in 21:15 (if Gary could learn to clip in properly then they may have got a little closer to their own record). Top club pair were Andrew Jackson and Andrew Stevenson. Joe Whitnall and Lizzie Reynolds showed why it's good fun to ride as a couple and we also welcomed Doug Horner and Oliver Clark from CATI.
For the solos current National BBAR champion Adam Topham turned up to get his first race in after an accident last month and posted an outstanding 20:45 whilst Steve Pink was within a whisker of his own course best in 23:29 and finally Steve Trigwell completed the days riders.

Full Results

1) Gary Dighton, Pool Wheelers
&Terry Icke, Poole Wheelers 21:15

2) Andrew Jackson, CC Weymouth
& Andrew Stevenson, CC Weymouth 25:54

3) Doug Horner, CATI
& Oliver Clark, CATI 26:35

4) Lizzie Reynolds, CC Weymouth
& Joe Whitnall, CC Weymouth 34:30

1) Adam Topham, High Wycombe, 20:45
2) Steve Pink, CC Weymouth, 23:29
3) Steve Trigwell, CC Weymouth, 28:17
Thanks to Steve Pink

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