Thursday 30 May 2013

Bournemouth & Dist Womens CA Club 25 29/05/13

B&DWCA 25 held on the P128 Bartley - Copythorne circuit 29/05/13

Woman: Rosie Hillary Southampton Tri Club 1.23.49

1 Stephen Wood Antelope RT 59.25
2 Mike Zollo Southampton Tri Club 1.02.17
3 Ant Gritton Southampton Tri Club 1.02.56
4 John Sanchez-Bisson Crabwood CC 1.19.24

In addition two people opted to ride 10 miles and they were:

Linda Connor Southampton Tri Club 29.26 and
Peter Wooldridge Southampton Tri Club 23.50

The timekeepers were Jacky Betteridge and Dave Crocker and other helpers Pete Betteridge, Glenn and Sue Longland, Ted Knowlton, Clive Peskett and Jacky Prosser.

It was a horribly cold and wet evening and hats off to everyone who turned out.
Thanks to Jacky Prosser

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