Sunday 24 June 2012

Gilfillan 9th in National 50

James Gilfillan (Contre la Montre) clocked 01.48.54 to claim a top ten finish in the National 50 championship on the S100/50 in Cornwall. Winner was Michael Hutchinson, who once again beat former Bournemouth Jubilee Wheeler, Matt Bottril into 2nd. British Best All-Rounder, Jeff Jones took the bronze medal. Ringwood -based Gilfillan commented "
The conditions for the men’s race were considerably better than the women’s, and as at the Nat 25 the time of day had a big influence on the conditions and approach. Having driven the course on sat aft/eve in the heavy rain and seen the conditions, spray and riders climbing off left right and centre (inc Julie (Shaw) after 10 mins of racing) I was quite uncertain as to whether to race or not. The 3 lap course was largely based on the A30 dual carriageway, with a brief foray onto the old A30 each lap. The wind was blowing down the length of the course making westerly progress out to the turn somewhat slower than the return leg. By the time I reached the far turn on lap 3 I was suffering but knew the final return leg, being wind assisted, would be marginally easier so had pushed as hard as I could to get there. Being off No.12 trying to finish first was a personal goal, which I did achieve, finishing in 1:48:54, first place at the time! But not for long and ended up 9th. Successfully achieving my pre-race goal of a top-10 finish. So happy to have raced in the end! The weather held dry-ish, the traffic was low, the marshals and signage good, I can’t comment on the women’s race, but it wasn’t nice racing conditions or for driving and Cornwall is flipping miles away!"
1 Michael Hutchinson In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 01:40:35
2 Matt Bottrill 01:42:02
3 Jeff Jones 01:44:23
4 Blake Pond North Devon Whs 01:46:26
5 Jerone Walters Velo Club St Raphael 01:47:18
6 Adam Topham High Wycombe CC 01:47:58
7 Scott Povey 01:48:26
8 Kevin Tye DataTeamAllstars 01:48:45
9 James Gilfillan Contre La Montre 01:48:54
10 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 01:49:46
11 Jon Wynn Northover VT 01:50:18
12 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 01:51:17
13 Nik English AW 01:51:51
14 Sebastian Ader …a3crg 01:52:05
15 Ben Anstie Cadence RT 01:52:19
16 Dan Sadler RT 316 01:53:32
17 Ken Buckley Reading CC 01:54:27
18 David Watson Coventry RC 01:54:33
19 Graham Stirzaker …a3crg 01:55:09
20 Gary Fouracres St Austell Whs CC 01:55:47
21 Guy de Selincourt Camel Valley C & TC 01:55:59
22 David Rouse North Devon Whs 01:56:10
23 Dean Robson Somerset RC 01:56:36
24 Steve Batsford 01:57:16
25 Nik Tyron Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 01:57:32
26 Mathew Rowley Oxonian CC 01:58:08
27 Ian Houvenaghel One and All Cycling 01:58:13
28 Tony Chapman Dream Cycling 01:58:48
29 Lee Sanderson Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 01:59:20
30 Mark Shepherd 02:00:26
31 Steve Kirby Plymouth Corinthian CC 02:01:23
32 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC 02:01:42
33 Rob Barrow Exeter Whs CC 02:01:47
34 Chris Cook Alltrax 02:03:39
35 Tom Cox Northover VT 02:03:45
36 Rob Sherrin …a3crg 02:03:59
37 Julian Harper Exe Velo CC 02:04:15
38 Tony Farnell One and All Cycling 02:04:19
39 Barry Moss Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 02:04:21
40 Ian Hounsell Mendip Cycling Club 02:04:29
41 Ian Deakin Mid Devon CC 02:04:59
42 Chris Vellacott Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 02:05:13
43 Peter Maker St Austell Whs CC 02:05:25
44 Jon Wilkinson-Lockyer Team Tor 2000 02:05:32
45 Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthian CC 02:06:24
46 Adrian Hennesey One and All Cycling 02:07:09
47 Darren Penn Camel Valley C & TC 02:07:22
48 Ian Crocker Camel Valley C & TC 02:08:30
49 Neil McCoy Revo Racing 02:08:37
50 Peter Miners Camel Valley C & TC 02:08:37
51 Paul Chesterfield Camel Valley C & TC 02:10:29
52 Bob Richards Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 02:13:49
53 Dan Young Alltrax 02:16:36 10-men
54 Dean Ward 1st Chard Whs 02:18:13
55 Alan Chapman Camel Valley C & TC 02:31:52

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