Wednesday 29 July 2020

New Forest CC Club 10, 28/07/20, Results

"The first one back for the New Forest CC and it was great to see the team back together and running the event,writes Aron Kelly....... With only 11 riders taking advantage of a strong north west wind on the p164 at Lyndhurst it was still an evening where PBs where made. NFCC’s Ray Claridge finished in 22:37 making him the fastest guy out there this evening followed home by Mike Anderson from C.C Monconturais 24:22 and Craig Smith in 3rd 24:43
1. Ray Claridge NFCC 22:37
2 Mike Anderson C.C Monconturais 24:22 (pic)
3 Craig Smith NFCC 24:43
4. Robert Sweatman PB Cycle Coaching RT 24:46
5. Phil Jones NFCC 25:00
6. Phil Harris NFCC 25:01
7. Bobby Buenfeld NFCC 25:54
8. Stewart Ward NFCC 26:13
9. Dave England Crabwood CC 27:22
10 Bob Jolliffe NFCC 28:06
11. Matt Cafferky NFCC 30:23

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  1. My best on the course since 1998. Well done all who rode.