Thursday 17 May 2018

TeamSpy Open 10, Results!

Results TeamSpy Open 10
The 1st Open Time Trial of the season on the Isle of Wight was held on Thursday 17th May on the popular P011/10c known locally as ‘Colemans 10’. The event was well supported with all the islands teams & clubs well represented.
1: Adam Holleyman- WLWM-22:02
2:Dave Dent-GS Stella-22:22
3:Clint Oliver-TeamSpy-22:27
4:Lee Rutland:Bike Jockey CC- 22:41
5:James Veal-TeamSpy-22:47
6:Ian Hayden-WLWM-22:54
7:Jason Hayles-Wight Cycle Hire-23:04
8:Martin Piper-TeamSpy-23:21
9:James Pett-WLWM-23:36
10:Paul Martin-TeamSpy-23:38
11:Darren Cole-Bike Jockey-23:44
12: Martin Sanders-WLWM-23:53
13:Marcus Attridge-Bike Jockey CC-24:20
14:Sean Williams-Wight Tri-24:24
15: Alex Paul-TeamSpy-24:42
16:Kev Foster:WLWM-24:57
17:John Allen-Wight Cycle Hire-25:07
18:Craig Wilson-Wight Tri-25:09
19:Nick Kennedy-Wight Tri-25:12
20:Dan Morgan-Wight Tri-25:16
21:Robbie Southwell-TeamSpy-25:22
22:Rollo Dixon-TeamSpy-25:23
23:Stuart Dyer:Wight Tri-25:33
24:Hollie Dowling-Wight Cycle Hire-25:40
25:Oliver Nolan-Wight Cycle Hire-25:53
26:Dale Buckett-Bike Jockey CC-25:54
26:Martin Jackson-Wight Tri-25:54
27:Courtney Edmonds-Bike Jockey CC-25:59
28:Michelle Lock-GS Stella-27:17
29:Angus White-West Wight Wheelers-27:23
30:Steve Gratton-Wight Tri-28:41
30:Luke Spandley-West Wight Wheelers-28:41
32:Russ Mellor-Wight Tri-28:53
33:Suzy Russell- TeamSpy-28:58
34:Mandy Womack-TeamSpy-29:18
35:Sophie Nolan-Wight Cycle Hire-30:12
Timekeepers: Alex Tunnicliffe & Sarah Probert
Pusher Off: Dave Hunt
Officials: Dave Wright, Alison Radcliffe, Harriet Mason & Rob Merrifield

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