Sunday 24 September 2017

Culverwell Conquers Jurassic Coast, Report/Results

Sam Culverwell (Guernsey VC) took his maiden win, powerfully sprinting clear from the group of 7 riders who had gained 45 seconds on the final lap of the Jurassic Coast race at Wool in Dorset. The 16 year old junior deserved the victory, emptying the tank to pull the break clear but saving enough to boss the finale.
A late course change from the grippy Lulworth circuit to the bland, Monkey World loop had frustrated the grimpeurs and encouraged the sprinters but two breaks enlivened proceedings.
Patrick Biel (Pedalworks), Tim Southcombe (Somerset RC-The Bicycle Chain), Brook Elgie (Sotonia CC) ,Lewis Winfield (VC Londres) & Marc Cox (Guernsey VC) formed a hard working quintet, pulling clear at the end of the second 10 mile lap.
John Samways (Bournemouth Jubilee Wh) trying and failing to get across.
These capable five earned a lead of 56 seconds on the benign circuit, the long, gentle drag up Worgret Heath doing little to slow the escape.
The bunch behind were equally untroubled by the parcours, coming to life the deficit was reduced to 25 secs with two laps remaining.
At the bell, with the bunch closing, Winfield, Elgie and Beil forged ahead the pace finally telling on Cox & Southcombe.
Culverwell made his move at the right time and was quickly joined by Ben Lockett, the pair screaming down past the Monkey World centre for the final time. At the bottom, Collins and Slot had also made contact and with Culverwell driving on the front, the gap was out to 45 seconds at the Worgret turn. The pace eased in the final before Culverwell took the initiative, looking over his shoulder as he crossed the line just to make sure!
Jack English (Estera powered by Adventure Cycles) won the bunch kick to take 8th place with Red Walters making it three Sotonia riders in the top ten.

Rider Reaction

Sam Culverwell
" We were working well, even the guys in the original break, i knew i was feeling strong, it was just getting the balance, keeping the group away but saving my legs for the finish, I knew i had it, i went early in the sprint, they were coming back to me at the line but i felt strong."

Graham Collins
"To be honest i did not think a break would go but all it takes is for a couple of people on the front to sit up, Fair play to the Guernsey lad he was putting some massive turns in"

Ed Slot
"I'm really happy we got across to the break, Brook (Elgie) was up there so i did not contribute to the chase but the gap was coming down so i was ready to counter, we all worked pretty well together, i cant really sprint so the finish did not suit me but i am pretty happy with it"

1, Sam Culverwell, Guernsey Velo Club
2, Graham Collins, Team Tor 2000 KALAS
3, Ed Slot, Sotonia CC
4, Ben Lockett, Private Member
5, Patrick Biel, Pedalworks
6, Brook Elgie, Sotonia CC
7, Lewis Winfield, VC Londres
8, Jack English, Estera powered by Adventure Cycles
9, Red Walters, Sotonia CC
10, Ashley Fletcher, Southfork
11, John Samways, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
12, Jake Yarranton, Pedal Heaven RT
13, Simon McNamara, Southdowns Bikes - Casco PET
14, Emyr Davies, Rapha Cycling Club
15, James Plumb, Velo Club Venta
16, Alex Randall, Twickenham CC
17, Oliver Winwood Bratchell, Velo Club Venta
18, Samuel Westlake, Bristol RC
19, Michael Serafin, Guernsey Velo Club
20, Jack Hoskins, Estera powered by Adventure Cycles
21, Sam Reed, Guernsey Velo Club
22, Russell Speight, Sotonia CC
23, George Bazley, Bristol Cycling Development Squad
24, Chris McLaughlin, UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
25, Ryan Smith, Morvelo Basso RT
26, Adrian Reynolds, Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
27, Martin Rowland, UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
28, Jonathan Oxley, Ride 24/7
29, Jack Wyllie, Retro RT
30, Samuel Wadsley, Poole Wheelers CC
31, Steven Jones, Mid Devon CC
32, Andrew Hitchens, Mid Devon CC
33, George Bazley, Bristol Cycling Development Squad
34, Oliver Winwood Bratchell, Velo Club Venta
35, Phillip Cole, Mud Sweat n Gears CC
36, Luke Barfoot, Tri UK
37, Timothy Flynn, Poole Wheelers CC
38, Samuel Westlake, Bristol RC
39, Richard Cartland, trainSharp Club
40, Tom Stocker, Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
41, Matthew Osborn, Estera powered by Adventure Cycles
42, James Peckham, Sotonia CC
43, Craig Wallington, Sarum Velo
44, Marc Cox, Guernsey Velo Club

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