Sunday 15 May 2016

Portsmouth North End CC Summer Road Race,Start List

Portsmouth North End CC Summer Road Race – Sat 04 June 10:00 Regional A 2nd/3rd Cat 60 miles
1. Matthew Buckley Abbotts Ann Cycles 2nd
2. Danny Axford Arctic Tacx RT 2nd
3. James Bevan Army Cycling Race Team 3rd
4. Matt Cleaver Blazing Saddles Cycles 2nd
5. Tom Lane Blazing saddles Cycles 2nd
6. Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 3rd
7. Stuart McCrombie Bristol RC 2nd
8. Matthew Franklin Bristol RC 3rd
9. Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden 3rd
10. Kerry Greenham Coventry Road Club 2nd
11. Andrew Carter 2nd
12. Harry Veale 2nd
13. Malcolm Dixon Dream Cycling Team 2nd
14. Jamie Penton Dream Cycling Team 2nd
15. Steve Thomas Dream Cycling Team 2nd
16. Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon CC 2nd
17. Warren Jesse Excel Pedal Heaven Academy 2nd
18. Jake Yarranton Excel Pedal Heaven Academy 3rd
19. James Brickell Fareham Wheelers CC 3J
20. Robert Ormond Fast Test Racing Team 2nd
21. Matthew Cox Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films 2J
22. Tristan Grigalis Hansling Racing 2nd
23. Philip Peters Hoste TAAP Storck 2nd
24. Freddie Phillips Hoste TAAP Storck 2nd
25. Daniel Baker HR Owen Maserati RT 2nd
26. Adam Moore HR Owen Maserati RT 2nd
27. Ryan Smith HR Owen Maserati RT 2nd
28. Joseph Clark I-Team Cyclists’ Club 3J
29. Ian Taylor Leicester Forest CC 2nd
30. David Murrell Leicester Forest CC 2nd
31. James Boyman Neon-Velo Cycling Team 2nd
32. Roger Theron Pewsey Velo Cycling Club 3rd
33. Steven Williams Pewsey Velo Cycling Club 3rd
34. Tom Morris Portsmouth North End CC 2nd
35. James Donovan Portsmouth North End CC 3rd
36. Paul Giles Portsmouth North End CC 3rd
37. Edward Hatfield Primera-Team Jobs 2nd
38. George Smith Radeon-Bike Science RT 2nd
39. Brook Elgie Rock n Road Cycles 3rd
40. Edward Giles RP Vision Racing Team 2nd
41. Timothy Allen RP Vision Racing Team 2nd
42. Patryk Rucki Skinline Race Club 2nd
43. Timothy Wallis Southampton University RC 2nd
44. Thomas Key Southampton University RC 2nd
45. Paul Barnard Southdowns Bikes – Casco 3rd
46. Matthew Bubear Southdowns Bikes – Casco 2nd
47. Simon McNamara Southdowns Bikes – Casco 2nd
48. Stephen Cavey Southdowns Bikes - Casco 2nd
49. John Russell 2nd
50. Richard Cartland Team Boardman 2nd
51. James McCarthy Twickenham CC 2nd
52. Grant Woodthorpe Twickenham CC 2nd
53. Michael Guilford VC Meudon 2nd
54. Jack Freeman VC Meudon 2J
55. Michael Lancaster VC Meudon 2nd
56. Ollie Williams VC Meudon 3J
57. Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael 2nd
58. James Plumb Velo Club Venta 2nd
59. Thomas Scott-Collins Wellingborough Cycles RT 2nd
60. Adam Holleyman Wight Mountain RT 3rd

The race HQ is located at Owslebury Parish Hall, Main Road, Owslebury, SO21 1LN. The race roll out from the HQ will be neutralised along Longwood Road toward the crossroad junction with Belmore Lane (M). At the junction turn right onto Belmore Lane where, once safe, the race will be de-neutralised. Immediately after the crest of the first hill the road drops away to the left followed by a sharp right hand bend where extreme care is needed. After a series of rolling hills the race turns left (M) into Salt Lane to climb up to The Milburys Pub crossroads. Just before cresting the Salt Lane climb riders will cross the finish line for the first time (there will be a further 7 laps). At the crossroads (M) the race turns left for a fast decent followed by a sharp climb to the Longwood Road junction, at the junction the race turns left (M) and descends to the junction with Belmore Lane where the race will turn left (M) to complete the circuit. Riders will pass the finish line 8 (eight) times in total.

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