Sunday 24 January 2016

Dorset Miles: In Pursuit of Round Numbers

Fog, not dense but enough to make us wet, as we spin out across the Avon Causeway. Legs sore from Saturdays hard Chaingang (“Hard” is a relative term dictated by form & condition), were little ring flushed through the lane to Sopley, Ripley, Sandford, North Kingston, Crow and Ringwood. Across the A31 to Poulner & Rockford, the ford at Moyles Court was not too high; we took a chance on wet feet and got away with it. Ibsley, Harbridge Green, Aderholt, left at Charing Cross to Cranborne, it was like riding in a cloud as opposed to on a cloud, wet but not floating. Wimborne St Giles, Gussage All Saints, Gussage St Michael and the short, steep rise to the top road, then quickly down again to Long Crichel. The climb across Horse Down to Manswood raises the heart rate above 80%, well 3 hours of recovery is nigh on impossible in company, perhaps on your own. Down to Witchampton, up to Gaunts Common, Pig Oak, Furzehill, Deansgrove and Colehill. A couple of 2 mile Sweetspot efforts on Ham Lane and around Hurn remind the legs of their purpose. The loop is not long enough we decide, so its back across the Causeway, this time heading through Avon to Bransgore, Neacroft, South Bockhampton and Burton. The cycle path alongside Christchurch bypass feels like cheating but the alternative is not very appealing, nor is the shortcut across the Waitrose carpark, it serves a purpose though. Through the shops and residential roads to Tuckton and back to Iford, for the sake of a round number I pedantically ride past my front door and around the block, anyone who says they have never done that is a liar!
3hrs 39

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