Saturday 15 August 2015

Henstridge Road Race,23/8/15,Start List

Gillingham & District Wheelers Henstridge Road Race - 23rd Aug 2015
Henstridge Airfield, The Marsh, Henstridge, Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0TN

1 Adam Baker Gillingham and District Wheelers 3rd
2 James Foster Gillingham and District Wheelers 3rd
3 Chris Gray Gillingham and District Wheelers 3rd
4 James Hywel-Davies Gillingham and District Wheelers 3rd J
5 Tristram More-Molyneux Gillingham and District Wheelers 3rd
6 Charles Rees Gillingham and District Wheelers 2nd
7 George Smith Gillingham and District Wheelers 2nd
8 Mark Hughes 1st Chard Whls 3rd
9 Nicholas O'Hara 3C Cyclexperience 3rd
10 Ruan Bester Bath Cycling Club 3rd
11 Simon Ker Bath Cycling Club 2nd
12 Peter Phillips Bath Cycling Club 3rd
13 Gary Sheppard Bath Cycling Club 2nd
14 Andrew Smith Bath Cycling Club 3rd
15 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 3rd
16 Kieran Ellis Bristol South CC 2nd
17 Mark Hudson Bristol South CC 3rd
18 James Horton 3rd
19 Hamish Belding Cardiff Ajax CC 3rd
20 Richard Porter CC Weymouth 3rd
21 Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden 2nd
22 Thomas Leach Felt Racing 2nd
23 David Baker Fit to Ride 3rd
24 Ben Harrison Groundwater Engineering Race Team 2nd
25 Jack Stanton-Warren Halesowen A & CC 2nd
26 Barnaby Cox Live2Ride Sunwise 2nd
27 Ross Evans Live2Ride Sunwise 2nd
28 Carl Luke Live2Ride Sunwise 2nd
29 Luke Nolan Live2Ride Sunwise 2nd
30 Joseph Henstridge NFTO Race Club 2nd
31 Adam Carter Offcamber 3rd
32 David Clegg Offcamber 3rd
33 Tom Clements Offcamber 3rd
34 Robert Slocombe Offcamber 3rd
35 Deane Smith Offcamber 3rd
36 Paul Waite Offcamber 3rd
37 Jack Thompson Performance Cycles 3rd J
38 Ryan Weston Poole Whls CC 3rd
39 James Fulcher Portsdown Hill CC 3rd
40 John Carter Radeon Cycle Coaching 2nd
41 Stuart Gourley Radeon Cycle Coaching 3rd
42 Thomas Grigson Radeon Cycle Coaching 2nd
43 Mark Perry Ride 24/7 2nd
44 Alex Hart Sarum Velo 3rd
45 Rhys Williams Swansea University RT-LeisureTime 2nd
46 Stuart McCombie 2nd
47 Oliver George Team Tor 2000 3rd J
48 James Curson Tri UK 2nd
49 Ben Lockett Tri UK 3rd
50 Daniel Mcquillan Tri UK 2nd
51 Nathan Starnes Tri UK 3rd
52 Alex Thomas Onit Cycle 2nd
53 Leslie Thomas Tri UK 3rd
54 Adam Underdown Tri UK 3rd
55 Stephen Tiernan UK-Biking/Copyrite 3rd
56 David Billings VC St Raphael 2nd
57 Liam Walsh VC St Raphael 2nd
58 Peter Giddings Velo Club Walcot 3rd
59 William Griffiths Veloton Team 3rd
60 George Wise Veloton Team 2nd

No First Name Last Name Club / Team Name Cat Junior
61 Julian Attfield Cardiff Ajax CC 3rd
62 Matthew Cryer Army Cycling Union 2nd
63 Joshua Burns Velosure Starley Primal 2nd
64 Patrick Fotheringham Halesowen A & CC 2nd J
65 William Fotheringham Halesowen A & CC 3rd
66 Daniel Gough Swansea University RT-LeisureTime 2nd
67 Stephen Bradbury Velosure Starley Primal 2nd
68 Danny Axford Arctic Tacx RT 2nd
69 Kinsey McIlquham Cardiff JIF 2nd J
Start Time 10:00 50 Miles
Circuit Description
The Race HQ is located at Henstridge Airfield club house, the entrance to the airfield will be
signposted from the approach road. The airfield Post Code BA8 0TN should only be used to
get you to the approximate location.
Riders will line up on John Porter Road at the start/finish banners and roll out of the airfield
turning left, once all riders are clear of the airfield the race will be de-neutralised.
At the junction with Landshire Lane turn left towards Fifehead Magdalen, continue past the
junction with Marnhull taking care as the road narrows with bends and a climb up to Fifehead
Magdalen. As you crest the hill in the village, after a left hand bend the road narrows through
tree lined bends before opening out to the junction with the A30. Turn left onto the A30 for
approx 2 miles turning left towards Henstridge airfield to complete a the first lap. After a
further 7 laps turn left into the airfield to finish in John Porter Road

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