Sunday 18 December 2011

Poole Wheelers Christmas Cracker Cyclo-Cross

Mike Simpson (GS Henley) pulled off a surprise win in round 9 of the Wessex League Cyclo-cross. Simpson rode wheel to wheel with runaway series leader Mike Cotty (Wheelbase/Cannondale) who had to settle for an unfamiliar second place.

While not quite Deep & Crisp & Even, it was certainly cold in the Wareham Forest for this late addition to the league calendar. Race promoter, Dave Wade had designed a fast course on the cinder fire tracks and pine trails that snake through the woods. A fast, technical descent and stiff climb, that forced most to dismount and shoulder their bikes, ensured it was no “testers” course.

Cotty and Dan Lewis (RAF) quickly established a lead with Simpson never far behind. On the second lap the Henley rider swapped places with Lewis and the only question left to answer was “Cotty or Simpson”? The pair rode together; Cotty’s skill on the descents was quickly answered by Simpson’s power on the flat. They were still together at the finish but Cotty had no reply as Simpson came round him in the final 10 metres.
The 41 year old was understandably pleased “ That’s my first ever Cyclo-cross win, I only started last year, I come from the road, any technical stuff and I generally fall off and lose time but for once I didn’t.The first race this season at Swindon i was 5 minutes behind Mike (Cotty).I am steadily improving with the skills, a better set of wheels and more confidence, i mean even last week he beat by 3 1/2 half minutes because i was falling off every lap. This sort of course there are a lot of power sections so i could put a lot of work down. I have the power but not the skill, the flat stuff is quite easy. I nearly came a cropper twice, going too fast trying to follow Mike on the downhill, so i eased off a bit, I thought he had me but I just kept closing the gap, its brilliant. I have been riding the bike about 3 years, started racing on the road last year before that I was rower and a runner. I started riding Cyclo-Cross and i just love it. I am going to do the national vets at Ipswich; I was 26th last year so hopefully I will do better this time. I have been doing the Wessex league seniors to get some better competition; I think I have made the right decision.” I might do the Boxing Day race, i expect Mike will be out for blood now!
In the combined Vets/Junior/ ladies race junior Matt Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles) came out on top. Hargroves was always near the front of the near 50 strong field and his technical ability was impressive to watch. Sarah Woods (Wight Mountain) won the ladies race after leading from the start, crossing the line Sarah shouted “Have I finished”. Sean Williams (Wight Mountain) finished 20 secs down on Hargroves to win the Veteran category.

Brief Provisional Result
1. Mike Simpson, GS Henley
2. Michael Cotty, Wheelbase
3. Dan Lewis, RAF CC

4. Peter Kench, GWR Team

5. Nick Onslow, Pedal On

6. Jamie Norfolk, Pedal On
7. Neil Ellison, Beyond
8. Dan Smith, GWR Team

1. Sean Williams, Wight Mountain

2. Dave McMullen, GWR Team
3. David Phillips, Swindon RC

1. Sarah Woods, Wight Mountain

2. Katy Wakely, unattached

3. Karen Murphy, Wight Mountain

1. Matt Hargroves, Hargroves Cycles

2. Matt Woods, Hargroves Cycles
3. Jordon Wade, Poole Wheelers

1. Harvey Lowe, Hargroves Cycles
2. Sam Shepherd, Primera

3. Jake Thomas, Bristol Cycling Development Squad

Youth Girls
1. Bethany Taylor, Bristol Cycling Development Squad
2. Sophie Taylor, Bristol Cycling Development Squad
3. Lucy Burrows, Poole Wheelers

Under 12 Boys
1. Ryan Hodgkins, Poole Wheelers

2. Connor Hutchinson, Swindon RC
3. Jay Allen, Palmer Park Velo

First Under 12 girl
Lizzie Barlow, Palmer Park Velo

1 Mike Simpson G.S Henley V 51Mins 30Sec
2 Mike Cotty Wheelbase/Cannondale S 0Min 1Sec
3 Dan Lewis RAF CA S 3mins 30Sec
4 Pete Kench GWR Team S 3Min 31Sec
5 Nick Onslow S 4mins 15Sec
6 Jamie Norfolk S 7mins 40Sec
7 Neil Ellison Behind the Bikeshed S 9Mins 45Sec
8 Dan Smith GWR Team S 10Mins 20 Sec
9 S.McLaughlin Bournemoth Jubilee S 11Mins 15sec

10 Tony Parker North Hants RC S 1 Lap
11 N Evans Dorset Roughriders S 1Lap
12 Ben Saunders New Forest CC S 1 Lap
13 Paul Hambridge Cycle Experience S 2 Laps
14 Simon Wakely Unattached S 2 Laps
15 Graham Beard Cycle Experience S 2 Laps

1 Ryan Hodgkyns Poole Wheelers U10 13mins 10 sec
2 Conor Hutchinson Swindon RC U12 Plus 20 Sec
3 Jay Allen PPV U12 Plus 2 min 10
4 Lizzie Barlow PPV U10 1 Lap
5 Alex Burrows Poole Wheelers U8 2 Lap
6 Jamie Barlow U8 2 Lap
7 Jack Burrows Poole Wheelers 4 Yrs 3 Lap
1 Harvey Lowe Hargroves/Trant U16 25 Mins 50Secs
2 Sam Shepherd Primera U14 Plus 4 mins
3 Jake Thomas BCDS U16 Plus 5 Mins 20 sec
4 Bethany Taylor BCDS U16 1 lap
5 Kerrie Hutchinson Swindon RC U16 1 lap
6 Sophie Taylor BCDS U14 1 lap
7 Lucy Burrows Poole Wheelers U16 1 Lap
8 Emma Pitt Palmer Park Velo U14 1 Lap
9 Rebecca Hurst Poole Wheelers U14 2 Laps

1 Matt Hargroves Hargroves Cycles J 44.10Sec
2 Sean Williams Wight Mountain V 20Secs
3 Matt Woods Hargroves Cycles J 2 Mins
4 D McMullen GWR Team V50 2Mins 4Sec
5 David Phillips Swindon RC V50 3Min 30Sec
6 David Hobbs Corinium V 4Min 10Sec
7 Pete Hutchinson Swindon RC V 5Min 10Sec
8 Anthony Dyment North Hants RC V 5Min 11Sec
9 Pete Scott Swindon RC V 6Mins
10 Kevin Blann Team Rose Blann V 7Mins
11 Jordan Wade Poole Wheelers J 7Mins 12Sec
12 Gary Barlow Reading CC V 7Mins 20Sec
13 Jason Pitt AW Cycles J 7Mins 28Sec
14 Paul Axon Cycle Experience V 8Mins 10Sec
15 Steve Gordon Dorset Rough Riders V 8Mins 23Sec

16 Rob Koppenhal Dorset Rough Riders V 8Mins 30Sec

17 Mitch Pervis D.P.CC V 8Mins 42Sec
18 Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee V 8Mins 50Sec

19 Martyn Dymond Wight Mountain V 9Mins 8Secs
20 Steve Robinson North Hants RC V 9Mins 30Sec
21 J Hodgson Unattached J 9Mins 45Sec
22 Darren Dollery Wight Mountain V 11Mins
23 Steve Dines Wight Mountain V55 11Mins
24 Richard Bremner North Hants RC V 11Mins 15Sec
25 Stuart Grace GA Cycles V50 11Mins 17Sec

26 Pete Warwick D.P.CC V 1 Lap
27 Leon Mander Chapel Tristars J 1 Lap
28 Geoff Booker Oxonian V60 1 Lap
29 Keith Allam North Hants RC V55 1 Lap
30 Steve Dance Behind The Bikeshed V 1 Lap
31 Sarah Woods Wight Mountain W 1 Lap
32 R Worman Royal Navy C.A. V 1 Lap
33 Phill Chinn Fareham Whs V 1 Lap
34 Steve Warwick D.P.CC V 1 Lap
35 Richard Robinson North Hants RC J 1 Lap
36 Peter McEwan Unattached V 1 Lap
37 Katie Wakely Unattached W 1 Lap
38 Karen Murphy Wight Mountain W 1 Lap
39 Hazel Jowett Wight Mountain JW 1 Lap
40 Steve Cook V 1 Lap
41 V Moore Crabwood V50 1 Lap
42 Natalie Bee Wight Mountain W 1 Lap
43 M Saunders New Forest CC V 1 Lap
44 Nicky Volley Wight Mountain W 2 Laps
45 John Burrows Poole Wheelers V50 3 Laps

more pictures & results to come.

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