Monday 19 December 2011

Friends of Bournemouth Cycling Centre Meeting

Friends of Bournemouth Cycling Centre Meeting
A meeting has been scheduled for 19:30 Monday 16th January 2012 to discuss the long term usage and development of the Bournemouth Track. The new track, funded by British Cycling, Sport England and Bournemouth Borough Council, opened in June this year. Former Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Geoff Cooke was guest of honour at the opening ceremony, Cooke said the new track was “as good an outdoor track as I have ridden”. The first six months have proved very successful on the track, local & not so local cycling clubs, schools, Bournemouth University, even a Stag Party, have all made good use of the facility. BCC Coach, Richard Eastham has been running “Active at 60” sessions which have proved very popular. Weather permitting; riding on the track will continue through the winter and with the planned, Tuesday night track league due to start in the spring, the future is looking very bright. Facilities manager, Alan McRae is keen to attract as many people as possible to the meeting at the Hotel Collingwood in Bournemouth, McRae said
“We need to see all those who as individual participants (past and future), clubs and organisations have a vested interest in the Bournemouth Cycling Centre. This is not just about the Track but the future use of the whole area including the adjacent playing fields for activities such as Cyclo-cross, plus the development of the facilities.
This is certainly the most significant meeting ever for the whole Bournemouth Cycling Community and we would urge as many as possible to attend.
We currently have one of the few facilities in the country run by cyclists for cyclists. If we make it a success over the next 3 years, it will stay that way and we can develop it further.
We will cover amongst other things:
Local Authority Agreement
Facility Utilisation
Coaching and Coaching Development
2012 Summer and Winter Calendar
Our aim is quite simply to make the Bournemouth Cycling Centre the best of its kind in the UK, and this will not be possible without constructive feedback, suggestions for improvement from the users, and active participation.”

Hotel Collingwood
11 Priory road

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