Sunday 23 October 2011

Moreton Road Race Series 2012

A meeting to discuss the Moreton Village Evening Road Race Series will be be held at 18:45 on Friday 4th November. Organiser Peter Washington will not running the events this year. All interested parties are invited to attend, to hopefully secure the future of next years series. The Lloyd Coward & Portland Port RR, promoted by CC Weymouth was the only other opportunity for riders to race on the road in Dorset this year. The absence of British Cycling events in Dorset is a cause for concern. Only two seasons ago the Wessex League put on 14 events in the region including the 3 day Tour Of Dorset which attracted over 140 entries. Moreton has been run under "The League International" rules since its first year, 2005. this year, with Washington taking a back seat, the races were succesfully run on a co-operative approach. All those wanting to race were obliged to marshall two events. This same approach may well see this popular series on the calendar in Dorset next season.

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