Sunday 30 October 2011

Dorset Miles, Bear Cross "Hardriders" Sunday Ride, 70% of FTP

Twelve riders at Bear Cross this morning for the start of another winter’s riding, despite the constant drizzle spirits are always high on this first training ride of the pre-season. Looking to put miles in the legs and create a solid foundation on which to build next season’s campaign and of course, the crack.Riding in pairs, the pace is good but this is no chain gang nor is it a club run! Out past Canford School to Wimborne, the main road to Cranborne was busy but we stuck with it till Wimborne St Giles. Ignoring the village, taking the rolling road across to Sixpenny Handley and turning right to climb Garston Down, before left and the fast descent to Ebbesborne Wake. The familiar names of Alvediston, Berwick St John and Ludwell were soon behind us on this enjoyably muddy road. Easily resisting the temptation to climb up to Win Green we cut through Charlton and briefly on the A30 before dropping down to Cann Common and East Melbury. All attempts at “Cock Measuring” on Zig-Zag hill were frowned upon, as we rode up “en bloc”. Emerging from the trees we singled out to let the impatient pass. On, up to Win Green, the easier way, the usual panoramic views across Charlton Down to Shaftesbury were denied us as the heavy mist & drizzle began to close in. Descending through Newtown, Farnham, across the A354 the weather worsened and two simultaneous punctures delayed us. Moor Crichel, Witchampton and Holt came and went as the conversation turned to cups of tea and hot baths. Pig Oak, Furzehill and Wimborne and the dozen began to separate, the lure of the kettle had won, as it always does. Returning to Bear Cross and the manic depression that is Castle Lane on a Sunday; lots of people going nowhere in the rain. 4 hours 20, as always, it is a work in progress!

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