Sunday 9 October 2011

Creech Hill Climb

Simon McLaughlin (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) made it 2 out of 2 in the inter- club hill climb competition. However the Jubilee man did not have it all his own way as Poole Wheelers youngster, Ryan Weston put up a good fight.

McLaughlin just held off the challenge clocking 2mins 35 for the steep climb of Creech Hill in the Purbecks. Weston was a scant 4 seconds back and looked very smooth; in contrast McLaughlin seemed to be fighting his bike.

Andy Graham took 3rd with 2.42.6, making it a good day for the Jubilee. A sharp breeze met the riders as they emerged from the trees at the top of the climb. The real suffering was to be found on the stiff gradients below, with riders almost at a standstill as the hill rose up through the woods.

CC Weymouth were again out in force outnumbering both the Jubilee and the promoting, Poole Wheelers. They may not produce an individual winner this year but their strength in depth should enable them to defend the overall team award they won last year. Next week the action moves to Kingston Hill, above Corfe Castle.

The Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers have returned to their traditional climb after last years foray out to Okeford Fitzpaine. The course record for the short twisting climb stands at 1.58; it will take a good ride to beat that, McLaughlin must fancy his chances, having won on an off day today. Weston may have other ideas!


2, R WESTON (PW) 2.39.3
3, A GRAHAM (BJW) 2.42.6
4, P DUNN (CCW) 2.43.7
5, J HORTON (PW) 2.45.3
6, D HICKS (BJW) 2.45.9
7, B RIGLAR (CCW) 2.47.9
8, M ALDRIDGE (PW) 2.48.3

9, M KUMM (PW) 2.49.2
10, H FIELDING (PW) 2.50
11, G DIGHTON (PW) 2.55
12, J MURDOCH (CCW) 2.57
13, S PINK (CCW) 3.04
14, J CLEMAS (BJW) 3.05
15, M MERRIT (CCW) 3.08
16, C SPARREY (BJW) 3.09
17, W CLARK (BJW) 3.18.3
18, J CHAPMAN (CCW) 3.18.7
19, M FISHER (BJW) 3.25.6
20, A JACKSON (CCW) 3.26.3
21, J FOSTER (CCW) 3.27.1
22, J FULLER (BJW) 3.28.2
23, P STOCKLEY (CCW) 3.40.0
24, P BARTLEY (PW) 3.42.4
25, H GOULD (CCW) 3.58.9 1ST LADY

26, A PRESTON (CCW) 4.13.4
27, H PANKHURST (PW) 4.13.7
28, J BRAKE (CCW) 4.28
30, R GOULD (CCW) 6.26

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