Sunday 17 March 2019

Sotonia CC Club 25, 17/03/19, Results

Fourteen riders took part on a largely bright but very breezy day on the P166 at Beaulieu which made the finishing times look ‘old fashioned’! However, it was quite close for the podium positions:

1. Brook Elgie, Sotonia CC 1.5.45
2. Patrick Stumpf, Sotonia CC 1.5.56
3. Phil Wilks, Sotonia CC 1.6.17
4. Rick Evans, RC Ravenna 1.9.26
5. Evan Jardine-Skinner, Sotonia CC 1.9.31
6. Jon Dudley, Sotonia CC 1.11.38
7. Steve Reed, Sotonia CC 1.14.56
8. Nigel Sign, Fareham Wheelers CC 1.16.21
9. Vytas Jakimavicilis, Southampton Tri Club 1.16.55
10. Bruno Soriano, Sotonia CC 1.17.52
11. Mark Gardiner, Sotonia CC 1.19.26
12. Alan Doney, Portsmouth Triathletes 1.21.21
13. Charlotte Keeler, Sotonia CC 1.28.57
14. Paul Whitaker, Sotonia CC 1.32.45

Thanks to Jon Dudley for organising, Timekeepers Norman Harvey and Mary Corbett. Graham Harman, Jon Legg and Julian Gee were on marshaling duty.

Thanks to Julian Gee for the results.

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