Thursday 11 August 2016

Portsmouth Circuits #9 ,Results

Jay Eastwood (PrimeraTeamjobs) takes the E/1/2 win at the Mountbatten track


1st​ ​Harrison HENDY​E ​IOW Cycling Club
2nd​ ​ Oliver​ CHILDS​E​
YOUTH U10 [D]​

1st​ ​ George​SNOW​D ​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
2nd​ Judan ​HURR​D​ Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
3rd​ ​Amber​ RICHARDSON​D Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
4th​ Grace​ RICHARDSON​D ​Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
5th​ Harry​CHILDS​D​

1st​ ​ Felix ​CLACY ​​C​Chapel Tri Stars
2nd​ ​ Danny ​CHADWICK​C​

1st​ ​ Izzy​ BRICKELL ​Bg​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
2nd​ Danny ​HAVEY​ B​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
3rd​ ​Freya​ RICHARDSON​B g​Portsmouth North End CC

1st ​​ Oliver​ AITKEN ​A​PSFNIORT
2nd​ ​Mercy ​WEBB ​Ag​ Velo Club Venta
3rd ​ ​Barney ​CLACY​ A​ Eden Vernada Racing
3 / J3

1st​​ Kris​ COLLINS​ Team Wiggle
2nd​ ​Samuel ​CLARK​ I-Team Cyclists' Club
3rd​ ​Dominic​ MAXWELL ​Worthing Excelsior CC
4th​ David​ PRICKETT​ HR Owen Maserati RT
5th​ ​Colin ​WILLIAMS​ KTM Impsport RT
6th​​ Joseph ​CLARK​i-Team Cyclists' Club
7th​ ​Stuart​ THOMPSON​ Andover Whls
8th​​ Matthew​ BUCKLEY​ Andover Whls
9th​​ George​ CREASEY​ Bournemouth Arrow CC/ Hotel Collingwood
10th​ ​Stuart ​HARVEY​Team ASL360
11th​​ Will​ PAGE ​Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
12th​​ James​ BRICKELL ​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
13th​ ​Mark ​HERBERT​ Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
14th​ Neil​ BURNINGNHAM ​British Cycling Private Member - South
15th​​ Sebastian ​OTTLEY ​VC St Raphael
16th​​ John​ HYDE ​VC St Raphael
17th​ Shaun​ SMART​ Southdown Velo
18th​ ​Thom​ HAYWARD​ Velo Club Venta
19th​​ Kevin​ FOSTER​ WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
20th​ ​David ​SMITH​ VCGH
21st​ Martyn​ HARRIS ​Banjo Cycles
22nd​ Ian ​DONOHUE ​Southern Planning Practice Ltd
23rd​ ​Dave​ DALTON​ Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
24th​ Mike ​ANDERSON​ VC St Raphael
25th​​ Norman ​MELLORS ​Rock N Road Cycles

E / 1 / 2 / J

1st​​ Jay ​EASTWOOD ​Primera-TeamJobs
2nd​ ​Justin​ HOY ​NFTO
3rd​ Lewis ​ATKINS ​Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
4th​ ​George​STAINTON-ELLIS​ Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
5th​​ Mike​ SMITH​
6th​ Andy​ SHACKEL​ Team Wiggle
7th​ Matthew​ ALLSOPP​ WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
8th​ Lee​ SMITH ​Nunn Sigma Sport
9th​ Rob ​McCARTHY​ Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
10th​​ Will ​RANOE​HR Owen Maserati RT
11th​ Jason​ GAULT ​Primera-TeamJobs
12th​ ​Tom​ TREAGUS​ Hargroves Cycles - Ridley RT
13th​​ Brook ​ELGIE​Rock N Road Cycles
14th​ ​Theo ​WEBB​Velo Club Venta
15th​ Simon ​BROOKS​VC St Raphael
16th​ ​Benjamin ​MARKS​
17th​ James ​EBDON​ WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
18th​​ James​ LEWIS ​NFTO
19th​ Alex​ COLLINS ​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
20th​ Ken​ PRINCE​VC Meudon

Overall Standings after round 9
1st E Harrison HENDY IOW Cycling Club 70
2nd E Oliver CHILDS 18
1st Dg Amber RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End Cycling Club 76
2nd Dg Grace RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End Cycling Club 72
3rd D George SNOW Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 40
4th D Harry CHILDS 32
5th D Charlie HOY 20
6th D Judan HURR Portsmouth North End Cycling Club 19
7th D Finlay COUSINS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 19
1st C Jamie WHITCHER Poole Wheelers CC 80
2nd C Marshall THOMPSON Andover Wheelers 58
3rd C Felix CLACY Chapel Tri Stars 20
4th C Danny CHADWICK 19
5th C Tobias HOUGHTON Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 10
1st B Owen GILES Portsmouth North End CC 120
2nd Bg Freya RICHARDSON Portsmouth North End CC 108
3rd Bg Izzy BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 94
4th B Danny HAVEY Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 91
5th B Isaac WARRINGTON Solent Pirates 35
6th B Sam FREEMAN Solent Pirates 19
7th B Jacob SCHNABEL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 19
8th B Freddie HORNER Behind the Bikeshed 19
9th Bg Charlotte KELLY Bournemouth Arrow CC 17
10th B Harvey McLEAN Behind the Bikeshed 16
1st A Samuel CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club 98
2nd Ag Caitlin PETERS I-Team Cyclists' Club 76
4th A Will COOPER Team Montezuma Hargroves Cycles 39
5th A Barney CLACY Eden Vernada Racing 37
6th A Tom MUNDAY I-Team Cyclists' Club 20
7th Ag Mercy WEBB Velo Club Venta 19
8th A David MIDDLETON Cardiff Ajax CC 19

1st Lewis ATKINS Excel Pedal Heaven Academy 545
2nd Benjamin MARKS 527
3rd Mike SMITH 491
4th Matthew ALLSOPP WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 477
5th Justin HOY NFTO 446
6th Will RANOE HR Owen Maserati RT 390
7th Andy SHACKEL Team Wiggle 386
8th Harry VEALE 372
9th Jay EASTWOOD Primera-TeamJobs 336
10th Robert McCARTHY Excel Pedal Heaven Academy 325
11th George STAINTON-ELLIS Excel Pedal Heaven Academy 286
12th Scott MICHAELS Southampton University RC 116
13th Mitch WEBBER Pedal Heaven 116
14th Jamie CALDWELL Richardsons-Trek RT 114
15th Stuart WAITE WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 110
16th Theo WEBB Velo Club Venta 105
17th James LOCAL Hoste˩ TAAP Storck 98
18th Ken PRINCE VC Meudon 92
19th Oscar HUTCHINGS Primera-TeamJobs 66
20th Lee SMITH Nunn Sigma Sport 62
21st Simon JODRELL HR Owen Maserati RT 60
22nd Jason GAULT Primera-TeamJobs 59
23rd Tom TREAGUS Hargroves Cycles - Ridley RT 58
24th James BONHAM Hoste˩ TAAP Storck 58
25th Brook ELGIE Rock N Road Cycles 56
26th Calum GILLESPIE 56
27th James PECKHAM Sotonia CC 56
28th Nicholas O'HARA 3C Cyclexperience 56
29th Simon BROOKS VC St Raphael 54
30th Daniel BAKER HR Owen Maserati RT 54
31st Thomas KEY Southampton University RC 54
32nd James EBDON WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 53
33rd James LEWIS NFTO 52
34th Ian ROBINS 52
35th James VANIERIS 52
36th Alex COLLINS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 51
37th Gareth DICKINSON VC Meudon 50
38th Rob HARDYMAN North Hampshire RC 48
39th Edward HATFIELD Primera-TeamJobs 48
40th Ben SCOTT-MUNDEN Sotonia Cycling Club 48
41st Mike FORD VC St Raphael 46

3 / J3 T
1st Stuart THOMPSON Andover Whls 392
2nd James EBDON WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 306
3rd Ian DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd 290
4th Ryan WESTON Poole Wheelers CC 282
5th Sebastian OTTLEY VC St Raphael 264
6th Mark HERBERT Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 252
7th Thom HAYWARD Velo Club Venta 252
8th Martin ROWLAND Poole Wheelers CC 252
9th Mark VALENTINE Poole Wheelers CC 244
10th J Joseph CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club 242
11th Andrew THOMAS Dulwich Paragon CC 220
12th James MEAKIN UK-Biking/Copyrite 210
13th Kris COLLINS Team Wiggle 206
14th Shaun SMART Southdown Velo 204
15th Adam HOLLEYMAN WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 196
16th J Red WALTERS Sotonia CC 192
17th J Alex COLLINS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 190
18th Ian HAYDEN WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 162
19th Jason GAULT Primera-TeamJobs 160
20th J Charlie COOPER Eden Veranda Racing 158
21st Dominic MAXWELL Worthing Excelsior CC 154
22nd Brook ELGIE Rock N Road Cycles 154
23rd Austin HEAD WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 152
24th Cameron THOMPSON Andover Whls 138
25th Kev FOSTER WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 134
26th Thomas TREAGUS Hargroves Cycles - Ridley RT 132
27th Neil BURNINGNHAM British Cycling Private Member - South 118
28th Tom STOCKER Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers CC 118
29th J James BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 114
30th Norman MELLORS Rock N Road Cycles 114
31st David PRICKETT HR Owen Maserati RT 106
32nd James PECKHAM Sotonia CC 104
33rd A Samuel CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club 92
34th Ben HUTTLY Brighton Mitre CC 84
35th Stuart HARVEY ASL 360 78
36th Andrew MacKAY Sotonia CC 70
37th A Will COOPER Team Montezuma Hargroves Cycles 70
38th Harvey McNAUGHTON I-Team Cyclists' Club 68
39th J Charlie COOPER Hargroves Cycles - Ridley RT 66
40th Sam BAKER WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 64
41st Thamana NEL I-Team Cyclists' Club 62
42nd Mike FORD VC St Raphael 60
43rd Connor AMBROSINI WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT 60
44th Jack REBOURS Caesarean CC Jersey 58
45th Colin WILLIAMS KTM Impsport RT 52
46th David SMITH VCGH 50
47th J Nicolas KIMISH I-Team Cyclists' Club 50
48th Dave DALTON Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club 48
49th Rob HARDYMAN North Hampshire RC 48
50th W Hilde OUDMAN Starley Racing 48
51st Matthew BUCKLEY Andover Whls 46
52nd J Nic McKIBBEN Bath Cycling Club 46
53rd George CREASEY Bournemouth Arrow CC/ Hotel Collingwood 44
54th Lawrence SYMES OVB 44
55th J Edward ROLLITT Velo Club Venta 44
56th Will PAGE Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 40
57th Philip GLASGOW 3C Cyclexperience 40
58th Julian LOCKWOOD British Cycling Private Member - South 38
59th Danny LAKE Didcot Phoenix CC 34
60th Nicholas BUCK New Forest CC 32
61st John HYDE VC St Raphael 30
62nd Andrew COSTELLO British Cycling Private Member- South 30
63rd James ASH Rock N Road Cycles 28
64th Matthew CHILD VC Meudon 28
65th Howard RADCLIFFE I-Team Cyclists' Club 24
66th Martyn HARRIS Banjo Cycles 20
67th Mike ANDERSON VC St Raphael 14
68th Paul GILES Portsmouth North End CC 14
69th J Jack NOBLE I-Team Cyclists' Club

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