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...a3crg Two-Up & Club 10, Summer Series,03/08/16,Results

The Greatham Summer Series came to a close on Wednesday evening when ...a3crg promoted an "Open" Mixte 2-up ttt and a club event on the P881 Ham Barn Course at Greatham.

In the Open 2-up team time trial the Newbury Road Club pairing of Rachael Elliott & Ian Greenstreet repeated their 2015 win by beating the ...a3crg duo of Laura Bartlett & Stephen Williamson by 6 seconds. In third place were Kate Allan and Edward Nunn just 30 seconds off the winning time and a further 7 seconds back was the youngest team in the competition The VC Venta duo of Ashia Fenwick & Jamie Franklin. These four teams were all sub 21 on a windy evening, quite remarkable rides, just how the guys kept up we don't know, but all the teams were still talking to one another after the event!

In the club event Andy Langdown once again won but found the combination of the wind and tired legs meant that there was no "19" to be had on the evening, it was a "slow night". Oliver Hayward (University of Birmingham CC) had his first try on the course and was just 8 seconds back from Andy with the much improved Jon Hughes in 3rd place.

Also new to the course was Patryk Witkowski (Bournemouth Jubilee) in 14th place, while a trio of Poole Wheelers probably felt at home with the wind!

The evening concluded with Paddy Brennan presenting the Greatham League Trophies to the winners of the three divisions. The Prima League was won by Andy Langdown (Blazing Saddles) with Peter Younghusband (Petersfield Tri) in 2nd place and Andy Tedd (...a3crg) in 3rd. The "Squadra League" was won by Michael Garner (..a3crg) and the " il Gruppetto League by Bob Oliver of Fareham Wheelers.
Next Wednesday (10th August) ...a3crg conclude their Summer TT's by running a "10" on the underused P883 at Buriton. Some say . . . . . it is the fastest of the three courses, but all we know, it is down to the weather, the drawback to using the course has been securing a HQ for the evening. For this event it will be Buriton Village Hall (parking is cramped), rider limit is just 70 riders and will be started slowest-2-fastest, signing opens at 17:45, first rider at 19:01.
Fin de Série d'été Duo Mixte CLM pour les équipes
10 mile P881 (A3) Greatham / Liphook– Wednesday 3rd August 2016

1 Rachael Elliott / Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC / Newbury RC W SEN / VET 00:20:18
2 Laura Bartlett / Steve Williamson ...a3crg / ...a3crg W SEN / VET 00:20:24
3 Kate Allan / Edward Nunn DRAG2ZERO / Berkshire Tri Squad W SEN / SEN 00:20:48
4 Ashia Fenwick / Jamie Franklin Velo Club Venta / Velo Club Venta W ESP / SEN 00:20:55
5 Sarah Matthews / Joel Garner ...a3crg / ...a3crg W VET / VET 00:21:43
6 Faye Faber / Liam Somerville IOW Cycling Club / IOW Cycling Club W SEN / SEN 00:21:51
7 Zoe Taylor / Patrick Brennan ...a3crg / ...a3crg W VET / SEN 00:22:25
8 Louisa Vere / Michael Naulls Velo Club Venta / Velo Club Venta W SEN / VET 00:23:02
9 Lucia Bruton / Andrew Lindsay Wyndymilla / Pure Motion Cycles W SEN / SEN 00:23:04
10 Ali Ford / Michael Gowan VC Meudon / Festival Road Club W VET / VET 00:23:52
11 Yvonne Frampton / Tommy Frampton Portsmouth North End CC / Portsmouth North End CC W VET / VET 00:24:09
12 Robyn Yates / John Isard Addiscombe CC / Hampshire Road Club W VET / VET 00:24:12
13 Johanna Lovell / Andy Lovell ...a3crg / ...a3crg W VET / VET 00:24:22
14 Hayley King / Roy Matthews Petersfield Tri Club / Petersfield Tri Club W SEN / VET 00:24:36
15 Rachael Lamont / Paul Beck Hampshire Road Club / Hampshire Road Club W VET / VET 00:25:49
16 Alison Hitchcock / Tony Parker North Hampshire RC / North Hampshire RC 30:44

P881 Greatham/ Liphook A3
1 Andrew Langdown Blazing Saddles VET 00:20:17
2 Oliver Hayward University of Birmingham ESP 00:20:25
3 Steve Whitewick / Erica Fogg VeloRefined Aerosmiths /
4 Jon Hughes VC Godalming & Haslemere VET 00:20:36
5 Peter Younghusband Petersfield Tri Club VET 00:20:48
6 Mark Denney Poole Wheelers VET 00:20:54
7 Matt Harris IOW Cycling Club SEN 00:21:10
8 Jon Smith Fareham Whs VET 00:21:11
9 John Pridham IOW Cycling Club VET 00:21:12
10 Paul Morris Fareham Whs SEN 00:21:15 28.235
11 Mark Stafford Portsmouth North End CC VET 00:21:16
12 Leon Fielding ...a3crg VET 00:21:18
13 Andy Tedd ...a3crg VET 00:21:23
14 Tom Chapman / James Chapman ...a3crg / ...a3crg SEN / SEN 00:21:31
15 Robert Crabtree Hampshire Road Club ESP 00:21:34
16 Patryk Witkowski Bournemouth Jubilee Wh SEN 00:21:45
17 Rick Froud Alton CC VET 00:21:51
18= Andrew Page Southdown Velo VET 00:21:59
18= William Grainger Andover Wheelers VET 00:21:59
20 Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC VET 00:22:06
21 James Ayton Portsmouth North End CC SEN 00:22:09
22 Jerry Bromyard Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA VET 00:22:12
23 Rob Flynn Poole Wheelers SEN 00:22:17
24 Dennis Tapping Hampshire Road Club VET 00:22:28
25 Jonathan Hall Sotonia CC VET 00:22:49
26= Josh Lahiri University of Warwich Tri & Road CC ESP 00:23:03
26= Warren Peters ...a3crg VET 00:23:03
28 Craig Weston Poole Wheelers VET 00:23:05
29 Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC ESP 00:23:18
30 Mike Garner ...a3crg VET 00:23:20
31 Mike Marchant Southdown Velo VET 00:23:36
32 Mike Boyce ...a3crg VET 00:23:54
33 Virginia McGee / Derek Dowden Charlotteville CC / Charlotteville CC W VET / VET 00:24:08
34 Howard Pankhurst Poole Wheelers VET 00:24:13
35 Jim Morris VC Meudon VET 00:24:52
36 Bob Oliver Fareham Whs VET 00:24:58
37= David England Crabwood CC VET 00:25:01
37= Kevin Martin Alton CC VET 00:25:01
39 Paul Barber Farnham Road Club VET 00:25:20
40 Peter Knipe Fareham Whs VET 00:25:24
41 Stan Bennett Farnham Road Club VET 00:28:43
42 Zuzanna Feline ...a3crg W SEN 00:28:46
43 Brian Hall Hampshire Road Club VET 00:28:50
44 Michael Churcher Bognor Regis CC VET 00:34:00

Thanks to Dave Collard-Berry

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