Friday 25 July 2014

Moreton Race Series Round 12.Results,Report

Steve Dring Reports……..Having not made the catch the previous week, a smaller scratch group had its work cut out to catch the riders in front. It was touch and go until midway through the final lap the catch was made and a bunch sprint beckoned. However the riders in the scratch group did not have time to recover fully allowing Brett Edbrook to take the sprint victory from Steve Dring and Kawim Phosphat.

Jay Eastwood didn’t contest the finish having already secured overall victory in the series for the 5th consecutive year. Carol Tilling won the women’s prize. Alex Joliffe who won a round and finished second in another was first under 18 rider. The team award went to Primera UK Biking despite not winning a round of the 12 race series.

The organisers wish to extend their thanks to everyone who took part and all of the helpers who ensured the races were run safely. The series will hopefully be back in 2015.

1. Brett Edbrook Hub

2. Steve Dring UKB

3. Kawim Phosphat UKB

4. Matt Hill UKB

5. Roland Tilley Ride

6. Alistair Bunting UKB

7. Mike Watts Mud Sweat Gears

8. Rob Flynn Poole Whlrs

9. Jay Eastwood Banjo Cycles

10. Wayne Roberts unattached

Final Overall

1. Jay Eastwood Banjo

2. Roland Tilley Ride

3. Steve Dring UKB

4. Matt Hill UKB

5. Brett Edbrook Hub

6. James Horton

7. Vince Avery

8. Calum Croft MSG

9. Alex Joliffe Team Terminator

10. Matt Norris MSG

1st Lady – Carol Tilling Ride

1st Junior – Alex Joliffe Team Terminator
2nd Junior Matt Mildon MSG
3rd Junior Josh Hooper UKB

1st Junior Girl - Eve Jeffries PW

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