Saturday 12 July 2014

Bournemouth Arrow Derny Fest/Womens Omnium

Bournemouth Arrow Derny Fest/ Womens Omnium, Brief Report from Jason Falconer
13 Entries on womens, 11 men, 2 DNS in both events.
The fourth in national Womens Track Omnium series 2014. With the top 3 points holders in attendance, Ellie Coster cat 2 ahead of the Elite cat Janet Birkmyre and third position cat 2 Flora Gillies. Points from today carry through to the August Reading event and final at Halesowen on 17th August. T.T.S began proceedings for the seeding in sprints. Ellie C. Bush Healthcare R.T South Wales making the 1st with a 37.71 500 metre 2 lap held start.
8 km. points race. Some early sprints showed Molly Haycock picking up points here in a characteristically varied speed race. Half way through number Madeline Moore of VC St Raphael attacked hard to clinch maximum points for gaining a lap, wherefter there was also an attack by Joe Macrae with a kilo to go, she led out the field to finish 5th , on the finish lap Molly Haycock fronted the bunch until the experience of Ellie Coster and Janet Birkmyre swept up the remaining points. 1st Madeline Moore 2nd Ellie Coster 3rd Janet Birkmyre.
500 Metre sprints next for the women, again superbly paced by Ellie Coster for the first overall. With two races of 4 in a group, and one of 5 riders, not much chance of any match sprint play showed the strongest sprinters dominate these.
Womens pursuits. Niki Kovacs won these 8 lap pursuits, in a time of 2.42.18.
Womens final race. 8 K.M scratch. A tactical event with the experience of the seniors showing through right til the end. Joe Macrae putting in a 12 lap attack on her own out front, before being caught half way point where the race lulled into a steady bunch. With 3 km to go, all riders together Rebecca Hurst doing well to get back in the bunch for a time. The final 2 laps yielded the finale with a tight shoulder to shoulder home straight dash between Ellie Coster, Janet Birkmyre and Madeline Moore and finishing in that order Ellie just a wheel up on second placed Janet.
Overall – 1 Ellie Coster
2 Madeline Moore
3 Janet Birkmyre

First two heats in the Derny event, 40 laps with an even split of 5 riders and pacers. A close bunched race, at half way Brendan Drewett paced by the London expert Tony Hibbert took the lead for 10 laps until during a tight last Kilo James Holland leader paced by Graham Bristow, pipped the rest to finish first.
Second Heat, another 5 riders and pacers in a very different race from the first, pairs spread out early on the 40 laps, big gaps opening up before, after 30 laps Tony Hibbert cranked up the pace and continually drilled Oliver Moors to take a clean win.
Minor Final for the Derny paced runners up.80- laps. An early break by Joe Gorman for 10 must have burnt him out as he and Glenn Obrien abandoned this in the 25 degree heat over the track today. What followed from the other 3 enthralled as after 65 laps John Heffernan N.F CC lost a bike length off his pacer Alan Macrae, which was quickly capitalised on by Tony Hibbert leading the Irishman Nigel Macaodha, to just beat Jason Streather -V.C.St R in a close finish.
Final epic 100 Lap 25 Km result. Something this length would never be an easy prospect for the 5 competitors, George Farrell leading the first 10 before James Hollander kept a blistering pace for the next 6 K. 10 Ks in Brendan Drewett got lapped before abandoning . Race after that became something of a head to head between the London pilots and their riders Oli Moors and James Holland Leader with Moors eventually winning.
Full Results to Follow

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