Sunday 5 January 2014

Dorset Miles, A Weather Window!

Will the rains never cease? Yes, for 3 hours according to the forecast! An earlier start to take advantage of the weather window, wet shoes from the day before made it hard: Stop moaning!! Hurn, Matchams, Avon Forest, Alderholt, Daggons & Cripplestyle. Talk of ice made us cautious of everything shiny on the road but it was just talk. Well nearly, the temperature dropped as we headed west to Verwood, crunching on the roadside at the Heavy horse centre. On to Woodlands, Horton & Farnham, the road was closed at Tollard Royal but not to us. Running flood water above the bottom bracket slowed us as stranded villagers shouted advice on hidden manhole covers & shortcuts, which was nice. The climb up towards Win Green was traffic free; the descent to Newtown is fast back to the main road. Tarrant Hinton, Tarrant Launceston, Tarrant Monkton, up the Cliff to Hogstock and across to Witchampton. It couldn’t last, two hours, forty minutes in and it starts to rain, light at first but rain jackets are soon required as we head to Chalbury & Wimborne Minster. Ham Lane, Longham, Parley Cross……….you know the rest. 3Hrs 57 min

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