Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 75 Mile Reliability Trial.

Only thirteen riders signed on for this rearranged reliability trial, that must be some kind of record! Only thirteen! They all deserved to be named, they will but meanwhile they know who they are. Pouring rain, blustery winds, flooded roads, hidden pot holes, gravel & debris strewn everywhere, just another 5 hours in January. St Johns hill up to Shaftesbury was as hard as it was two weeks ago but no harder. No really bad floods, the Cowgrove was rideable, Hammoon was dry(relatively speaking), Rockbourne was wet, a rear wheel puncture was most unwelcome. Back at the nearly sunken HQ the Jubilee back room staff, one for every two riders today, reported someone stranded with a pothole-smashed front wheel. He was rescued but there will be no medal this year, you see it is all about being reliable. Yes it was grim but through the years will be more often reminisced than any two-a-penny fair weather ride and buddied up with Saturdays 2 hour Chaingang it was a self-satisfying weekend on two wheels. The ride out and home adds another 18 miles to the days total and by then the sun was out.
Adam Bardsley
Mark Chadbourne
Eamonn Deane
Phil Evans
Mark Freeman
Andy Graham
James Horton
Kevin Ridge
Cliff Rowe
Rupert Silman
Neil Stevenson
Roland Tilley

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