Friday 27 April 2012

Track Racing returns to Bournemouth!!

Track racing returns to Bournemouth next week after an abscence of more than 25 years. The new Ensbury Park Velodrome was opened by the Mayor of Bournemouth last June but has yet to see a pedal turned in anger. Training sessions, accreditation sessions, and club nights have taken place. Local Schools, the university, pensioners even a stag party, have all ridden on the smooth banking. Yet still no one has pinned a number on a racing jersey. All that will change on Tuesday May 1st, as the Raymond Brown track league kicks off. Competition at the old Winton Rec track ceased in the mid-eighties, the venue was far from ideal with frequent accidents. Action will be fast & furious and hopefully safe at the new 250 metre facility. Bournemouth Arrow cc will run the league and had planned two dress rehearsals ahead of the first round proper. Sadly both these sessions fell victim to the weather; it seems the only thing missing from the new track is a roof! Indeed, far too many planned sessions have been lost, yes it’s very frustrating but it is an outdoor venue and that’s just the way it is. The league will run till the end of July with a championship event planned for August.(link on right)

Bournemouth Arrow Cycling Club and Raymond Brown
Proudly announce the
2012 Track Cycling League
At the Bournemouth Cycling Centre
Every Tuesday from May 1st 6.30pm
Events include
Sprint, Scratch, Elimination, Points Races
Open to British Cycling Licence Holders E/1/2/3/4 and Youth, each to be split in A and B Groups to ensure competition at all levels.
All riders must hold BCC Accreditation
Riders must preregister and be allocated a race number which they will keep for the Series.
Race Entry on the day only - £10 Seniors/Juniors - £3 Youth
League Calendar
1st May to 31st July - Track League Competition
Championships Calendar
14th to 21st Aug - Track Championships for League Riders

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