Tuesday 10 April 2012

Raymond Brown Track League


To get the most racing every night, we aim to match the standard of organisation demonstrated at Manchester during major Track Championships.

From 6.30 to 7.00 Youth Go Ride racing will be taking place on the grass track centre, giving others the opportunity to access the Tarmac D, get set up and warm up.

Senior and Youth Track racing starts at 7.00pm sharp after which access to the track centre will only be possible between races.

All riders and helpers must familiarise themselves with the Instructions whose aims are to keep everyone safe and maximise the amount of racing possible.
Instructions to Riders and Helpers

Pre race Administration

1. All Competitors must hold a valid or single day racing licence, Parental Consent Form if applicable and a 2012 Bournemouth Cycling Centre Competition Licence. Fast Track Accreditation for riders with 250 m track racing experience will be available, application for Fast Track can be made on a rider’s first night but please check your suitability first to avoid disappointment.
2. All Applications to join the League use the Entry Form 2012 and can be made in advance via track-league@bournemouth.cc (link on right)
3. All Competitors must Sign on and pay Race Entry (cash only) at the Admin Office prior to entering the Track Centre. Please be aware the only Toilets available are next to the Admin Office.
4. Competitors will be issued with a dedicated Race Number which must be returned after each night’s racing.
5. Any Competitor failing to sign on and pay the entry fee prior to racing any night will automatically forfeit their right to ride the League.
6. BCC Hire Bikes are not available for Competition

Track Centre Security and Safety

1. Competitors and Helpers must enter and leave the Track Centre only on instruction of the home straight Gate Marshall.
2. Competitors and their equipment shall be located in the Competitor’s Area on the Tarmac D. Please be aware there is no fixed “furniture” on the D so if support is needed to use turbo/rollers to warm up, riders need make their own arrangements. When setting up, please be aware that other Competitors need space too.
3. No warming up on the Track or Safety Zone is permitted prior to the start of racing.
4. Track competition starts at 7.00pm sharp, after which competitors and helpers can only cross the Track to enter/leave the track centre in between races and under the Instruction of the Gate Marshal.
5. Go Ride Youth Events take place from 6.30pm to 7.00pm on a grass track marked out in the central area. Throughout the whole Meeting, the whole of this grass area must be treated as out of bounds for any activity other than that associated with the Go Ride events.
Race Protocol

1. Prior to each race, competitors will be called to the Rider’s Pen where they will receive the Race Briefing for the event they are about to ride.
2. Riders will leave the Pen and make their way onto the Track only on the Instruction of the Commissaire.
3. Riders will normally line up on the fence and roll away from the back of the line on the instruction of the Chief Commissaire. The race will start on the Commissaire’s signal. In the event of a held start, riders must bring their own Holder-up who shall also have attended the Race Briefing.
4. Riders or helpers not attending the Race Briefing automatically forfeit their right to participate in that race.
5. Normally each event will consist of separate A and B races, the B race will be run first.
6. At the end of each Race, riders have one complete lap to decelerate, must then enter the safety zone in the back straight and directly into the Competitors Enclosure at walking speed or less.
7. Riders completing a second warm down lap risk disqualification.
8. In the event of a serious crash or major incident risking safety, racing will be neutralised by the sounding of an air horn by a Race Official. In this event, active riders must move down from the track and onto the safety zone as soon as possible. Racing will commence once the incident has been dealt with.
With your help we will get there very quickly

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