Thursday 20 August 2020

Sotonia CC Club 10, Results

George Skinner (Primera-Teamjobs) fastest in the Sotonia CC Club 10 on a warm late summer evening at Lyndhurst in the New Forest. Evan Jardine-Skinner fastest of the Sotonia rides with Gemma Wilks first woman.
P164 Lyndhurst 20/08/20
1 Evan Jardine-Skinner Sotonia Vet TT 22m 31s
2 Kouros Driscoll Sotonia Senior Road 22m 54s
3 Phil Wilks Sotonia Senior Road 23m 35s
4 Brook Elgie Sotonia Vet Road 23m 45s
5 Harry Giles Sotonia Senior Road 23m 54s
6 Tim Cooke Sotonia Vet TT 24m 15s
7 Matt Davison Sotonia Senior TT 24m 37s
8 Jahan Hunter Sotonia Senior TT 24m 40s
9 Justin Menhenett Sotonia Vet Road 25m 10s
10 Jon Dudley Sotonia Vet TT 25m 18s
11 Gawain Young Sotonia Vet TT 25m 27s
12 Jon Legg Sotonia Vet TT 26m 14s
13 John Phillips Sotonia Vet Road 27m 15s
14 Louis Kirk Sotonia Junior Road 28m 54s
15 Gemma Wilks Sotonia Senior Road 28m 59s
16 Jamie Doel Sotonia Senior Road 30m 14s
17 Wout Davidse Sotonia Vet Road 31m 56s
18 Julian Gee Sotonia Vet Road 34m 28s
1 George Skinner Primera-TeamJobs Senior TT 21m 52s
2 Jeremy Hubbard Hargroves CCC Senior Road 23m 27s
3 Tom Epton Southampton University Road Club Senior Road 23m 49s
4 Matthew Gilmour VC Venta Junior Road 24m 20s
5 Marcus Widdess Southampton University Triathlon Club Senior TT 24m 33s
6 John Winchester Crabwood Vet TT 24m 43s
7 Mike Anderson CC Moncontour Vet TT 25m 25s
8 Tom Glanvill [come and try it] Senior Road 26m 17s
9 Andy Sheppard [come and try it] Vet Road 26m 30s
10 Oliver Berney utag Vet TT 27m 21s
11 Dave England Crabwood Vet TT 27m 27s
12 Brian Coupe Crabwood Vet TT 27m 38s
13 Dan Gregory SGCC Junior Road 27m 57s
14 Oscar Hoult VC Venta Junior Road 30m 18s

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