Sunday 15 September 2019

B&DWCA Petit Prix des Dames, Results

B&DWCA Petit Prix des Dames 2 UP TTT P311 Sat, 14 Sep, 21:20 "It was a beautifully
warm and sunny day and a pity there were not more entries for the final club event for 2019."

Two Up Teams

I Claire Newman Crabwood CC 21.33
Paul Rogers VC St Raphael

2 Sue Longland Antelope RT 26.06
Glenn Longland "

3 Wendy Knowlton Solonia CC 26.19
Ted Knowlton "

4 Alison Hitchcock North Hampshire RC 27.49
Michael Harrison "

Solo Rider

Bob Richardson Bournemouth Jubilee 20.49

Time Keepers: Martin Napier, Paula Miller & Dave Crocker
Other helpers: Sue & Glenn Longland, Wendy Pails
Clive Peskett & Jacky Prosser

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