Wednesday 4 October 2017

Goodwood Classic Hilly TT, Start List

Chris McNamara (pictured), Pat Wright, Rich Hunt, Angela Carpenter & Dave Shepherd among the favourites for the 27 Goodwood Classic Hilly Time Trial this weekend.

On the roads used for the 1982 WORLD CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIPS

1 08:01:00 Deborah Smith Southdown Velo Female Vet
2 08:02:00 Peter Davies Brighton Mitre CC Male Vet
3 08:03:00 Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill CC Male Vet
4 08:04:00 Angela Carpenter ...A3crg Female Vet
5 08:05:00 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
6 08:06:00 Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre CC Male Vet
7 08:07:00 Mike Garner ...A3crg Male Vet
8 08:08:00 Phill Sykes Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
9 08:09:00 Jerry Bromyard ...A3crg Male Vet
10 08:10:00 Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles Male Vet
11 08:11:00 Steve Skinner Bognor Regis CC Male Vet
12 08:12:00 Ayrton Carlton Beeston Cycling Club Male Senior
13 08:13:00 Boe Harper Fareham Wheelers CC Male Senior
14 08:14:00 Perry Lee Southdown Velo Male Vet
15 08:15:00 James Fawcett Hampshire RC Male Vet
16 08:16:00 Tim Holmes VTTA (Surrey & Sussex) Male Vet
17 08:17:00 James Goward Four4th Male Vet
18 08:18:00 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
19 08:19:00 John Glaysher ...A3crg Male Senior
20 08:20:00 Pat Wright Paceline RT Male Senior
21 08:21:00 Ria Woodfield Kingston Wheelers CC Female Senior
22 08:22:00 Robert Pretorius ...A3crg Male Vet
23 08:23:00 David Shepherd GS Stella Male Vet
24 08:24:00 Chris Jolliffe Crawley Wheelers Male Vet
25 08:25:00 Alex Napier Blazing Saddles Male Vet
26 08:26:00 Chris McGuire Hampshire RC Male Vet
27 08:27:00 Sarah Matthews ...A3crg Female Vet
28 08:28:00 Richard Porter CC Weymouth Male Vet
29 08:29:00 Andrew Thomas ...A3crg Male Senior
30 08:30:00 Christopher Mcnamara Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT Male Vet
31 08:31:00 Tom Bandy Portsdown Hill CC Male Senior
32 08:32:00 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo Male Vet
33 08:33:00 Craig Wallington Sarum Velo Male Senior
34 08:34:00 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
35 08:35:00 Tom Pritchard Hampshire RC Male Senior
36 08:36:00 Alex Rice Southdown Velo Male Vet
37 08:37:00 John Isard Hampshire RC Male Vet
38 08:38:00 Rich Hunt Army Cycling Union Male Vet
39 08:39:00 Patrick Brennan ...A3crg Male Senior


START At the entrance to The Valdoe, approximately 250 yards north of Woodcote RAB on Kennel Hill (GR SU881078).

PROCEED north past the Golf Club and climb Kennel Hill to Charlton Down where take RIGHT fork to descend Knights Hill to Charlton. Turn LEFT at village crossroads to Singleton where bear right keeping to the main street to the T junction with the A286. Turn LEFT on to A286 and proceed south to take second LEFT to climb Town Lane Hill (Singleton Shoot) to Charlton Down. (GR SU880113).

COMMENCE the descent of Kennel Hill and then turn sharp LEFT to proceed east to the GOODWOOD PRIME opposite the plaque to commemorate the 1982 Worlds Cycling Championships (GR SU884108).

CONTINUE east after the Prime past Goodwood Race Course through Pilleygreen Lodges Crossroads and Selhurst Park to Benges (GR SU939120). Turn LEFT on to A285 and descend Upwaltham Hill. Turn sharp LEFT at the bottom of Upwaltham Hill into Droke Lane and proceed to East Dean (GR SU903128). Turn LEFT at village pond in East Dean and climb East Dean Hill to Pilleygreen Lodges Crossroads. Straight across and descend New Barn Hill to Waterbeach and Westerton Crossroads. Turn LEFT and proceed along New Road (Lavant Straight) to junction with A285 (GR SU900075). Turn LEFT on to A285 and proceed through Halnaker to climb Benges Hill (GR SU939120). Turn LEFT and proceed through Selhurst Park and Pilleygreen Lodges Crossroads to the T junction with Kennel Hill at Goodwood Race Course. Turn LEFT to descend Kennel Hill past the Golf Club to

FINISH 250 yards north of Woodcote RAB and approximately 25 yards short of the START (27 Miles) (GR SU881079).

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