Monday 24 October 2016

Racing Club Omega, Portsmouth Circuits, Results

4 / J4

1st 4 Mark NUTTALL Slivester Brothers Cycling Club
2nd 5 David COOPER WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
3rd 6 Scott PEARCE
4th 1 Emyr GRIFFITHS British Cycling Private Member - South
5th 2 Matt BUCKLEY Lovelo Cinelli RT

1st 1 Harrison HENDY IOW Cycling Club

1st 22 Dylan LLOYD

1st 71 Jamie WHITCHER C Poole Wheelers CC
2nd 72 Matthew GILMOUR C Velo Club Venta
3rd 70 Sophie TILLER Cg Solent Pirates
YOUTH U16/14 [A/B] Boys and Girls

1st 1 Samuel CLARK A i-Team Cyclists' Club
2nd 52 Klaidas LAZICKAS B Barking & Dagenham CC
3rd 37 Izzy BRICKELL Bg Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4th 21 Caitlin PETERS Ag I-Team Cyclists' Club
5th 51 Owen GILES B Portsmouth North End CC
6th 3 Christopher DUNSTAN A Brighton Excelsior
7th 71 Jamie WHITCHER C Poole Wheelers CC
8th 54 Jacob SCHNABEL B Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
9th 53 Danny HAVEY B Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
10th 2 Jordan LEE A

1st 21 Caitlin PETERS I-Team Cyclists' Club
2nd 2 Christie JONES Hereford Wheelers
3 / J3

1st 55 George KIMBER Cycle Sport Dynamo
2nd 73 Harry BROOK-DOBSON University of Bath Cycling Club
3rd 58 Nicolas KIMISH I-Team Cyclists' Club
4th 68 Sebastian LEA London Dynamo
5th 69 Dave BENTLEY Somerset Road Club
6th 67 James BRICKELL Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
7th 70 Mark VALENTINE Poole Wheelers CC
8th 59 Will HOLLAND Lovelo Cinelli RT
9th 72 Ian DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd
E / 1 / 2 / J

1st 10 Matt WITTS Ride 24/7
2nd 12 Ryan VISSER Hosteƀ© TAAP Storck
3rd 6 Thomas BOWERING PMR@Toachim House
4th 11 Stuart THOMPSON Andover Whls
5th 4 Andrew DISLEY Harry Middleton Cycling Club
6th 14 Simon BROOKS VC St Raphael
7th 7 Rhys CLEGG PMR@Toachim House
8th 5 Joseph CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club

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