Wednesday 17 February 2016

Devon Primavera Road Race, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke Heads Start List!

Brief Results

Liam Bromiley (University of Bath CC) won the 53 mile Primavera road race in Devon. Bromiley, winner of the Frome & Dist WH 10 the previous week, escaped into the wind on the final circuit, riding solo all the way along the ridge back to Hatherliegh. Jonathan Tiernan Locke (Saint Piran) won the bunch kick for second place ahead of Fraizer Carr (University Bath CC).
Liam Bromiley.....
"I wasn't expecting too much going into the race, I know my form is currently quite good with a few decent results already this season, but would've been happy just to get in the points in what looked like a fairly strong startlist. I tried early on with some probing moves and a couple of short lived breakaways, deciding to then sit in the bunch for a lap or so before going again with a group of three others where we held the bunch off for probably 10k. When it was clear we were going to get caught by the bunch the others sat up, but with the final prime just up the road I kicked again and increased my lead. I wasn't really thinking I'd be able to hold them off for the remaining 30k, just thought I'd have a go with nothing to lose. The final 10k was hard into a headwind, though being predominantly downhill helped me finish the job.
I'm hoping to maintain my current run of form, entering some more National B races and time trials, with the BUCS TT's just round the corner in April I'm currently looking for a TT bike to help me achieve a decent result.
Primarily I aim to complete my Masters degree before a summer of committing to more training and racing, hopefully this season I can pick up some more strong results."

1. Liam Bromiley (University of Bath CC) 54 miles in 2.06.12
2. John Tiernan-Locke (Saint Piran) +0.28
3. Frazier Carr (University of Bath CC)
4. Daniel Colman (West Wales CRT)
5. Joe Lockett (Cardiff University Marmots)
6. Simon Coles (Norwood Paragon)
7. Andrew Turner (KTM Imp Sport RT)
8. Kinsey Mcllquham (Cardiff JIF)
9. Josh Rochester-Greet (Kibosh)
10. Simon Ker (Bath CC) all at same time
Category 3/4:
1. Ian Cullen (Mid Devon CC) 42.5 miles in 1.43.15
2. Oliver Yates (Somerset RC)
3. Joshua Croxton (Exeter Wheelers)
4. Oliver Winwood Bratchell (VC Venta)
5. Nic McKibbin (Bath CC)
6. Andrew Perkins (Mid Devon CC)
7. James Cartlidge (Plymouth Corinthians CC)
8. Dan Wellings (Somerset RC)
9. Ross Holland (Cheltenham and County CC)
10. Kevin Jones (Somerset RC) all at same time
1. Emma Cockcroft (Bikeshed Bianchi) 31 miles in 1.31.20
2. Lauren Nolan (Liv CC)
3. Jennifer Powell (Elite Velo)
4. Nikki Carr (VC Equip-Flix) +0.10
5. Jennifer Holden (Fusion RT)
6. Bethany Taylor (Beat Out Breast Cancer CC)
7. Aisha Fenwick (VC Venta)
8. Ellie Gilham (Primera-TeamJobs)
9. Hannah Larbalestier (University of Bath CC) +0.20
10. Rebecca Cornwell (Taw Velo)

Former Sky proffesional Jonathan Tiernan-Locke heads the field at the Devon Primavera Road Races at Hatherleigh.In 2014, his 2012 Tour of Britain win was stripped following the identification of anomalies in his biological passport data from around the time of that race, and he was banned from competition until the end of 2015.Locke blamed the anomalies on alchol in his blood after a heavy night out.After serving his suspension Tiernan-Locke resumes racing on a 2nd category licence.Among those hoping to challenge the former pro will be Liam Walsh (VC Equipe– Flix) who finished 7th at last Sundays Perfs Pedal race, Edward Laverack (JLT Condor), Andy Shackell (Team Wiggle), Paul Double (VC Venta),Michael Cripps (Army CRT), Max Steadman (Pedal Heaven) & Primera-Teamjobs duo, Oscar Hutchings & Calum Croft.Marcin Bialoblocki (Onepro Cycling) won the race in 2015, with a five minute cushion. The supporting 3/4 cat race icludes 18 members of the Mid Devon CC.

The Men’s races start at 10.00 for E/1/2/3 and the Men’s 3 & 4 race at 10.07
Women’s Handicap race starts from 10.10
Event Headquarters – Old School Rooms, Market Street, Hatherleigh, EX20 3JN
1 Gareth Bushnell Mid Devon CC
2 Craig Hickson Mid Devon CC
3 Andrew Hitchens Mid Devon CC
4 David Johnson Mid Devon CC
5 Jason Kettle Mid Devon CC
6 Matt Langworthy Mid Devon CC
7 David Noakes Mid Devon CC
8 Jason Poore Mid Devon CC
9 Michael Cripps Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
10 Miles Burton Bath Cycling Club
11 Simon Ker Bath Cycling Club
12 Gary Sheppard Bath Cycling Club
13 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club
14 Iain Cade Bath Cycling Club
15 Jake Alderman Bikechain - Ricci
16 Kinsey McIlquham Cardiff JIF
17 Joe Lockett Cardiff University Marmots
18 Gwilym Evans Cardiff University Marmots
19 Lewis Henry Cardiff University Marmots
20 Ryan Brain Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
21 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
22 Andrew Williams Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
23 Adrian Lawson Cycology Sunwise
24 Mark Perry Cycology Sunwise
25 Edward Griffin Cycology Sunwise
26 James Dudden Cycology Sunwise
27 James Phillips Dream Cycling Race Team
28 Craig Wallduck Dream Cycling Race Team
29 Steve Thomas Dream Cycling Race Team
30 Sam Birkinshaw Exeter Wheelers
31 Jack Ibbotson Exeter Wheelers
32 Charlie Meredith Giant Cycling Club - Halo Films
33 Daniel Baker HR Owen Maserati RT
34 Edward Laverack JLT Condor
35 Dexter Hurlock Kibosh
36 Neil Phillips Kibosh
37 Josh Rochester-Greet Kibosh
38 Andrew Turner KTM Impsport RT
39 Scott Tomkinson Lanhydrock Wheelers
40 George Fowler NFTO
41 George Richardson NFTO Race Club
42 Ashley Fletcher North Devon Wheelers - South Fork
43 Simon Coles Norwood Paragon CC
44 Max Stedman Pedal Heaven
45 Gareth Turner Performance Cycles
46 Joseph Saunders Planet X - Northside Cycling
47 Philip Bray Plymouth Corinthian CC
48 Samuel Woods Plymouth Corinthian CC
49 Calum Croft Primera-TeamJobs
50 Oscar Hutchings Primera-TeamJobs
51 George Smith Radeon-Bike Science RT
52 William Haynes Reading CC
53 Richie Gooding Saint Piran
54 Jonathan Tiernan-Locke Saint Piran
55 Joe Harris Spirit Bikes Racing Team
56 Joshua Burns SportGrub Cycling Team
57 Daniel Gough Swansea University Cycling Team
58 Graham Collins Tanks Direct Cycling
59 Mark Lees Tanks Direct Cycling
60 Duncan Heywood Team Handi-Ness
61 Andy Shackel Team Wiggle
62 Luke Barfoot Tri UK
63 James Curson Tri UK
64 Ben Lockett Tri UK
65 Daniel Mcquillan Tri UK
66 Liam Bromiley University of Bath Cycling Club
67 Frazier Carr University of Bath Cycling Club
68 Brian Glynn University of Bath Cycling Club
69 Lee Davis VC Equipe - Flix
70 Liam Walsh VC Equipe - Flix
71 Dave Tilling VC Equipe - Flix
72 Paul Double Velo Club Venta
73 Theo Webb Velo Club Venta
74 Daniel Colman West Wales Cycle Racing Team
75 David Creber Westbridge Foods Cycle Club
76 Ross Flashman Yeti Cycles
77 Patrick Christopher Zappi's Racing Team
78 Alex Fanshawe Zappi's Racing Team
79 Rhys Williams Zappi's Racing Team
80 Joshua Jones Private Member
81 James Plumb Velo Club Venta

1 Karl Allen-Dobson Mid Devon CC
2 Doug Arnold Mid Devon CC
3 Alex Blackburn Mid Devon CC
4 Tobie Clarke Mid Devon CC
5 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC
6 Alan Drury Mid Devon CC
7 Mike Gratton Mid Devon CC
8 Steven Jones Mid Devon CC
9 Harry Loader Mid Devon CC
10 Owen Messenger Mid Devon CC
11 Kenny Parker Mid Devon CC
12 Ed Parker Mid Devon CC
13 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC
14 Tim Prowse Mid Devon CC
15 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC
16 William Thurgood Mid Devon CC
17 Ashley Towey Mid Devon CC
18 Nicholas Weddall Mid Devon CC
19 Bob Foxwell 1st Chard Whls
20 Mark Hughes 1st Chard Whls
21 Russell Parris 1st Chard Whls
22 Peter Phillips Bath Cycling Club
23 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club
24 George Beck Bath Cycling Club
25 Hayden Burton Bath Cycling Club
26 Nic McKibbin Bath Cycling Club
27 Charlie Parry Bath Cycling Club
28 Will Swarbrick Bath Cycling Club
29 Richard Whitehouse Bikechain - Ricci
30 Ross Holland Cheltenham & County CC
31 Ross Clarke Cycle Sport Dynamo
32 George Kimber Cycle Sport Dynamo
33 Paul Batley Exeter Wheelers
34 Philip Drury Exeter Wheelers
35 Craig Lawson Exeter Wheelers
36 Jack Salvidge Exeter Wheelers
37 James Sheppard Exeter Wheelers
38 James Hywel-Davies Gillingham and District Wheelers
39 Paddy Scullion Kernow Riders
40 Sean Henderson North Devon Wheelers - South Fork
41 Justin Reincke North Devon Wheelers - South Fork
42 James Cartlidge Plymouth Corinthian CC
43 James Cox Plymouth Corinthian CC
44 Jonathan Ellis Plymouth Corinthian CC
45 Andrew Flynn Plymouth Corinthian CC
46 Stephen Hodge Plymouth Corinthian CC
47 Will Horn Plymouth Corinthian CC
48 John Rollason Plymouth Corinthian CC
49 Stuart Mackenzie Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
50 Robert Lewis Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
51 Matthew Saunders Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
52 Stephen Tuck Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
53 Alexander Cross RP Vision Racing Team
54 Mark Puddicombe Sid Valley CC
55 Stephen Potts Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
56 Michael Waterjohns Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
57 Andrew Wellings Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
58 Daniel Wellings Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
59 Richard Woodward Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
60 Oliver Yates Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
61 Mark Gibbs Tanks Direct Cycling
62 Phil Walter Tanks Direct Cycling
63 James Clarkson Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
64 Ben Kerwin Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
65 Mark Pierce Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
66 Daniel Strong Tavistock Whlrs NorthShoreGallery
67 Oliver George Team Tor 2000 Kalas Sportswear
68 Giles Greening Tri UK
69 John Mills Tri UK
70 Jonathan Reed Tri UK
71 Nathan Starnes Tri UK
72 Harry Brook-Dobson University of Bath Cycling Club
73 George Charles UPC - Velosmith
74 Harry Palmer UPC - Velosmith
75 Oliver Wright UPC - Velosmith
76 Oliver Beresford Velo Club Venta
77 Sam Malam Velo Club Venta
78 Oliver Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta
79 Ben Warman Yeovil CC
80 Jack Elston Private member
81 Brad James Mid Devon CC
82 Dave Lewis Mid Devon CC
83 Joshua Croxton Exeter Wheelers
84 James Hill Plymouth Corinthian CC
85 Sean Moyle Plymouth Corinthian CC
86 Kevin Jones Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
87 Leslie Thomas Tri UK

1 Helen Anthony Mid Devon CC
2 Jenny Corser Mid Devon CC
3 Molly Hodges University of Bath Cycling Club
4 Rebecca Cornwell Taw Velo
5 Lucy Driver Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
6 Hannah Newsham Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
7 Gemma Waterjohns Somerset RC - The Bicycle Chain
8 Lucy Spowart Rutrainingtoday CC
9 Kimberley Pickett North Devon Wheelers - South Fork
10 Nara Ishikawa Lanhydrock Wheelers
11 Barbara Racz Exeter Wheelers
12 Karen Wyle Smith Elitevelo Kalas Sportswear CRT
13 Jasmine Jones Cardiff University Marmots
14 Laura Pittard Cardiff University Marmots
15 Lucy Gowing Bikeshed - Bianchi
16 Jenny Bolsom Private Member

30 Bethan Stubbs Bikeshed - Bianchi
31 Emma Cockcroft Bikeshed - Bianchi
32 Bethany Taylor Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C
33 Jennifer Powell Elitevelo Kalas Sportswear CRT
34 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan
35 Hetty Summerhayes Mid Devon CC
36 Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris MnD Fusion RT / Gearclub / WORX
37 Zoe Betteridge North Devon Wheelers - South Fork
38 Jessica Duffy Plymouth Corinthian CC
39 Ellie Gilham Primera-TeamJobs
40 Hannah Larbalestier University of Bath Cycling Club
41 Nicki Carr VC Equipe - Flix
42 Ashia Fenwick Velo Club Venta
Cat E/1/2/3 Start at 10.00; Cat 3 & 4 Start at 10.07 and Women start from 10.10.

Leave HQ and ride as per the Highway Code to reach the start point. Cross roundabout onto the A3072. And at the top of the ride turn left into the Industrial Estate. Line up outside the Bones Unit. Leave the Indutrial Estate and turn left onto the A3072. Race is denaturalised at the de-restriction signs. Continue on A3012 through Highampton to reach At Beara Cross go s/o. Pass Brandis Corner to Dunsland Cross. Go left on to A3079 (M2). Continue to Halwill Junction and roundabout. Turn left (M3) into Station Road. In 60 yards bear left again into Higher Station Road. Continue on unclassified road towards Chilla. At Graddon Cross where road goes left for Chilla bear right (M2). At Beara Cross and A3072 turn left (M2) to complete one circuit of 11.3 miles.
E/ 1/2/3 Race - Repeat circuit 2 more times and then at the third time of reaching Halwill Junction r/bout take the second exit –still the A3079 to pass through Thorndon Cross to Fowley R/bout.
Cat 3 & 4 Race - Repeat circuit 1 more time and then at the second time of reaching Halwill Junction r/bout take the second exit –still the A3079 to pass through Thorndon Cross to Fowley R/bout.
Women’s Race – The first time at Halwill Junction r/bout take the second exit – still A3979 to pass through Thorndon Cross to Fowley R/bout.
At Fowley R/bout (M1) ALL riders take first exit onto the A386. Go left at the Place Cross R/bout (M1), still A386 to pass through Folly Gate. At Hatherleigh r/bout (M3) take second exit to finish in 800 metres level with “junction ahead” sign.
Prime point level with the bus stop approaching Halwill Junction and on the RH side and just before the junction with Stags Wood Drive.

The bad weather in the last 12 months has resulted in many sections of roads, and today’s circuit is no exception, being subject to potholes etc. If you want to finish without punctures etc. fit suitable equipment.

Mid-Devon Cycling Club’s Road Race Promotions 2016
(see BCF Racing Calendar for full details)
Totnes Vire National “B” Stage Race on Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd April. Stages 1and 2 have the HQ at Halwill Junction. Stage 1 is over 6 laps of the 11.5 mile Halwill Junction Circuit and starting at 10.30 hours.
Stage 2 is an individual time trial 3.5 mile from close to Dunsland Cross to the Halwill Junction finish line.
The final stage moves to Okehampton. It is 70 miles long and covers 4 laps of a testing circuit that takes in the Old A30 to Whiddon Down then the A3124 towards North Tawton and the A3072 back to Okehampton..
Stage Race Secretary: - Ken Robertson, 9, Barnfield Road, PAIGNTON, TQ3 2JT – Preference given to 4, 5 or 6 man teams. Entry Fee is £40.00 per rider.

The Colin Lewis Cycles Grand Prix is a series of races on the closed circuit race at the Torbay Velopark on Sunday 15th May
Category Start Time Distance Category Start Time Distance
(approx.) (approx.)
U8 13:00 4 Miles U12/U10 13:30 8 Miles
U16/U14 14:10 15 Miles Women Only 15:00 15 Miles
3rd, 4th 16:00 24 Miles E/1/2 & 3 17:10 24 Miles

Please Contact Event Organiser Simon Aske if you wish to know more phone 01803 553095 or

The Paignton Regatta Circuit Races will be on the Torbay Velopark on the morning of Sunday 7th August.
Please contact the Event Organiser Mike Gratton for more details e-mail

Category Start Time Distance Category Start Time Distance

U8 09:00 4 Miles U12/U10 09:30 8 Miles
3rd, 4th 10:10 24 Miles Women Only 11:20 13 Miles
U16/U14 12:00 13 Miles E/1/2 & 3 13:30 24 Miles
Paignton Regatta Mile Running Race at 13.00

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