Thursday 17 December 2015

New Forest CC Boxing Day 10 Start List

Xavier Disley heads the field in the New Forest CC Boxing Day 10 at Ringwood. Disley will be looking for his 4th win in 5 years at the festive event, out to stop him will be Matt Burden (Severn RC) Anthony Green (GA Cycles), Andy Langdown (Blazing Saddles RT) Simon Berogna, Aran Stanton (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) & Stuart Martinngale (Sotonia cc). Stanton (pictured) rides the solo event at 10.07 before going round again at 10.50 in fancy dress!

1 Julian Gee Sotonia C.C. V 10.01
1 Bethany Gee “ L
3 Christopher Day Poole Whs. V 10.03
3 Thomas Day “ “ Juv
5 Simon Hall Andover Whs. V 10.05
5 Mary Corbett Sotonia C.C. LV
7 Aran Stanton V.C.St.Raphael V 10.07
8 Luke Butler Bournemouth Jubilee Whs.
9 Mike Anderson V.C.St.Raphael V
10 Stuart Martingale Sotonia C.C. V 10.10
11 Gavin Robinson New Forest C.C.
12 Kevin Harris Bournemouth Jubilee Whs. V
13 Tom Reid New Forest C.C. Jun
14 Ian Kellaway Coventry C.C. V
15 Martin Beale V.C.St.Raphael V
16 Lyndon Thompson New Forest C.C.
17 William Simmons Bournemouth Jubilee Whs. V
18 Stuart Folley Christchurch Bicycle Club V
19 Adam Turel Bournemouth Jubilee Whs.
20 Andy Langdown Blazing SaddlesR.T. V 10.20
21 Stuart Peckham New Forest C.C. V
22 Ray Hughes Clarence Whs. V
23 Colin Grandfield Christchurch Bicycle Club
24 Bob Jolliffe New Forest C.C. V
25 Simon Berogna V.C.St.Raphael V
26 Brendan Reese Bournemouth Arrow C.C.
27 Adrian Watkins Tornado R.C.C. V
28 Ian Sherrin 3c Cycle-experience V
29 Roger Wakeling Antelope R.T. V
30 Xavier Disley RST Sport/ Aerocoach 10.30
31 Nick Wright New Forest Cycling C.C.
32 Nick Webber Colchester Rovers C.C. V
33 Matthew Golden A3crg
34 Jacqueline York Christchurch Bicycle Club LV
35 Gary lock New Forest C.C.
36 Antony Green G.A.Cycles V
37 Sean Williams New Forest C.C. V
38 Kate Jardine Christchurch Bicycle Club LV
39 Maria Golden A3crg LV
40 Matt Burden Severn R.C. 10.40
41 Peter Wilson Bournemouth Arrow C.C. V
42 Thomas Piloni Zoom Tri
43 Rob York Christchurch Bicycle Club V
44 Rosey Mushers V.C.St.Raphael LV
45 Mike Horton Primera Sports
46 Tim Smales V.C.Venta
47 Martin Balk 3c Cycle-experience V
48 Denise Playford Christchurch Bicycle Club LV
49 Catherine Pascoe New Forest C.C. LV
50 Aran Stanton V.C.St.Raphael V 10.50
51 Richard Parker New Forest C.C. V
52 Isobel Fletcher V.C.Glasgow South L
53 James Wasley Dorking C.C.
54 Malcolm Field Maidenhead C.C.
55 Mike Norris New Forest CC
Awards 1st £40.00, 2nd £35.00, 3rd £30.00, 4th £25.00, 5th £20.00, 6th £15.00, 7th – 10th £10.00
1st tandem, £10.00 per rider
1st lady £20.00 , 2nd £15.00
Fancy dress 1st £20.00 2nd £15.00 3rd £12.00 4th£10.00
HQ Bisterne Village Hall

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