Sunday 7 December 2014

Dorset Miles: Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 100Km Reliability Trial, Which one is Pink?

Sixty Three signed on for the Jubilee 100 kilometre reliability trial but strangely only two of us in the 09:15 group? It felt like a tough day, there were some good bits but it did seem like one of those rides “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way”* A few stragglers at Briantspuddle and up Cocknowle Hill, the view of Corfe Castle is always stunning, even more so on this bright December day. A few more tiring legs across Wareham forest but the fast boys are too far up the road for us. The sting in the tail of the 100 km is not Lytchett Hill or Pardys, grim though they are, it is the fact that the 100 km is actually 104 km, still, we prove our reliability and make it back to the HQ. The talk is of broken rear derailleurs, punctures and “we were riding level 2”, aren’t we the heroes? No, the real heroes are Aimee & Matt, giving up their Sunday to feed us all tea & cake, they have heard all the hard luck stories before but still they keep on baking. Every club needs an Aimee & Matt as much as a big hitter! A strong breeze blows us along the madness that is Castle Lane, the ride out and home make it an 84 mile day, the good news: it is roast chicken for dinner, the bad news: I have to cook it!
“When I come home and I’m tired, it’s good to warm my bones beside the fire”*
*Roger Waters

Courage Chris bjw 3.32
Keightley Ben 3.32
Peckham Stewart 3.32
Pickering Dave bjw 3.32
Pitman Wayne 3.32
Acaster Robert 3.33
Tilley Roland 3.37
Savage Mark bjw 3.45
Smith Bob bjw 3.46
Courage Mike bjw 3.49
Peters Gary 3.50
Singleton Mark 3.50
Deane Eamonn bjw 3.55
Stocker Tom bjw 3.55
Cooper Andrew bjw 3.59
Griffiths Bob 4.02
Staniland Steve 4.03
Samways John bjw 4.09
Rowe Clifford bjw 4.10
Paulley Rob bjw 4.13
Paulley Dean bjw 4.13
Wilson Peter 4.13
Harris Craig bjw 4.14
Hitchcott Mark bjw 4.14
Low-Grier Conal 4.14
O'Brien John bjw 4.14
Ridge Kevin bjw 4.14
Freeman Mark bjw 4.15
Rollinson Matthew bjw 4.15
Scriven Phillip bjw 4.15
Peacey Mike 4.17
De Luca Paolo bjw 4.20
Jones Nick bjw 4.20
Toms Philip 4.20
Walter Richard 4.20
Walter Michelle 4.20
Cooper Louisa bjw 4.25
Cooper Debbie 4.25
Grounds Peter 4.30
Barker Garry 4.40
Turnbull John 4.42
Strickland Tony 4.45
Hickman Gary 4.48
Andrews Gary bjw 4.50
Tilly Carol bjw 4.50
Makepeace David bjw 4.56
Martin Gavin bjw 4.59
Acers Michael bjw 5.00
Green Simon bjw 5.00
Khan Andrew bjw 5.00
Sergeant Paul 5.00
Smith Graham 5.00
Winter Annemarie bjw 5.00
Graham Andrew bjw 5.05
Baillieu Gaeton dnf
Berridge Cliff dnf
Clemas Jon bjw dnf
Crichton David dnf
Cunnington Mark dnf
Dry John dnf
Harbord David dnf
Hayes Andy dnf
Morcraix Peter dnf
Roach Jon dnf

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