Saturday 25 October 2014

Track Commissaires Course in Bournemouth

A Commissaire’s Course will be run in Bournemouth on 15th November( venue to be confirmed). It is free to attend and will be followed up by practical training. The Bournemouth Track League 2015 is already taking shape and a strong team of officials is vital for the success of the league next year and beyond.
The Course
The course itself is held over a full day and follows the journey of a Commisaire pre, during and post event.
The five modules are:
Pre Event: this module covers anything a Commisaire needs to know prior to the event day. This will include event information, equipment and communication with Event Organiser and Chief Commissaire.

Pre Start: this covers everything from arriving at the venue until the start of the race. Dependent on the discipline topics include call up and gridding, equipment pit set up, risk management and event communication.

Race Start to Race Finish: this module covers the start of the race until the finish of the race. Topics include starts, commissaire surveillance and judging.

Race Finish to Departure: covers all aspects of a commissaires role post event, prior to departure from the event. Topics include: commissaire and Event Organiser debrief and levy forms.

Post Event: the final module of the course includes anything a commissaire needs to complete post event including writing commissaire report forms.
Once candidates have completed the day’s training and passed the home learning assessment they will be classed as an Assistant Commissaire. They will then receive a logbook which they record their practical experience in. Candidates will then attend events and work in a variety of roles getting their logbook signed off by the Chief Commissaire at the end of the each event and they can then submit their logbook to be considered for an upgrade to Regional Commissaire.
Interested parties should contact Tim Knight, BC South Regional Competition Secretary ASAP on: and 023 9264 2226

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